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    I've searched on here and talked with people at work but i cannot find where in the contract it says part-timers do not get their 3.5 guarantee during the weeks of christmas newyears and 4th of july. Ive called the business agent, no call back yet. In the central supplemental it talks about those holidays for full timers Article 12 section 1. Some people said its in the air driver section in the master but I cant find it anywhere. Any help to whats right 3.5 everyday, any day; or 3.5 void on christmas new years and 4th of july weeks.
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    Article 69, Sections 1 and 7 apply. Section 1 talks about the 3.5 hour guarantee with OT after 5.5 hours unless the employee is double shifting wherein OT starts after 8 hours. Section 7 states that the provisions of this article will not apply during the first 3 days of emergencies beyond the employers control or during a work stoppage.

    There are no provisions for the guarantee being waived during the time periods you gave.
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    Article 22 sec 5
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    has anyone experienced this at their centers?
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    CRT Supplement Art 12 Sec 1 refers to full timers weekly guarantee of 40 hours for the top 90% put to work on the first workday. Subsection (c) allows the guarantee exclusion for weeks in which volume fluctuations occasionally occur. No allowance is made to reduce the daily guaranteed 8 hours for full time, nor is any allowance made to reduce the NM Art 22 Sec 5 of 3.5 hour guarantee for part time.
    UPS often attempts to "encourage" pt's to take a pay actual or leave early. Then sup's finish the work. It's 3.5 everyday.
    It appears Upstate is referencing the Atlantic Area Supplement, not the CRT.
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    Article 11 section 1 is where you find the language about part time 3.5hr guarantee. There is no reduction of that guarantee anywhere in the contract that I have seen. If they are forcing you off the clock prior to your 3.5hrs file a grievance for the time, as well as penalty pay if aplicable based on article 17 of the Natinal Master. If you are a Steward file it as et all, meaning it covers everyone in your local.
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    Also ask your local to request an audit of the sort in which they (UPS) are routinely violating the articles gg88 referenced. Unfortunately you'll find too many of our members voluntarily leave before their 3.5 is up.
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    Yeah most of the people that leave early are either for the benefits or the 18-22 crowd both of whom dont care about the union. Yeah im just trying to gather as much info because 2 union stewards on the sort believe that its somewhere in the contract about the guarantee not valid during those holiday weeks. Theyre respected stewards so im just surprised that they could be so off on this one. They are both full time though.
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    Look for a letter of understanding in your contract pertaining to the Affected part time inside employees. In our contract it is at the end of the book.

    I would make teh argument if you are put to work you still have your guarantee, butin order to meet that guarantee you might have to work another shift that week between Xmas and New Years.
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    Keep your questions closer to home, where they can be answered with more certainty.
    Don't be satisfied with a verbal answer.
    Have them show you the language in print.
    You have 4 different articles to reference so far.
    Perhaps you should just list "any and all" in your grievance, LOL, they always like that.
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    Good advice Bubble, our grievance forms state (and any other articles that may apply) under the blank space for the violated article.