3 BS "accidents" in 12 months

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    Here's the deal. Lets say a driver gets hit with an accident for leaving a tire track on the side of a guys driveway, another for scratching a trucks bumper on a platform inside the center and another for getting stuck in the snow. All within a 12 month time. Can this driver be terminated for good? Also, can someone explain the different "tiers" when talking about accidents?
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    getting stuck in a snow = an accident? no waiiiiii
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    If it costs the company money they will charge you with an accident. If you get stuck and are able to get out on your own or with help that you pay for you will not be charged.

    "Tiers" are used to judge the severity of the accident, with Tier 3's the most severe. Centers budget money for accidents and I believe it is $47K for a Tier 3. This doesn't mean that every Tier 3 costs the company $47K--that is the historic average.

    3 accidents in 1 year may indeed get you taken off the road as you have become a liability.
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    I got stuck in the snow in east bum..... Rodman. On a Saturday, with horrible lake effect. It was cold and very yucky. Not to mention, extremely embarrassing. I didn't do any damage, thank the Lord. Called my center manager and asked what he thought, should I call a tow truck or a buddy? He said it was up to me, but the buddy would be much faster. Cars were off the roads everywhere. 10 minutes later, a buddy had me out and on my way. He has a 4x4 and loves doing things like that. Everybody was happy.
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    So I guess that makes him a "stuck buddy"
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    What happens if:

    A. Your buddy hurts himself pulling a UPS truck out of the snow?

    B. Your buddy damages your UPS truck pulling it out of the snow?

    I'm just playing Devils Advocate here. In my younger days, I have had people with p/u trucks pull my PC out of the snow.
    At Todays UPS however, I would call the center and have them be responsible for getting me unstuck.

    Getting stuck in the snow is not an accident in the real world. I don't see it standing at panel as one of your accidents that would lead to your permanent termination.
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    Yes,, i also heard of being charged with accident for getting stuck in the snow !! Crazy=!!! I got stuck a few yrs ago and had a wrecker come out to get me off a hill . 5oo $$ tow,but they never said a word to me . Stuck so long,the EMPIRE had to also put me in a hotel for the night !!! They were more concerned about meal money than tow money!! And all I had was a 6$ sandwich !!
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    Having a Tow Truck come and get us unstuck, hasn't resulted in any driver being "charged" with a accident. Different parts of the country may be more strict on this type of thing.
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    And they wonder why we get so stressed during the winter.
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    3 real accidents in 1 year probably should get you taken off the road. The problem is what they consider accidents.
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    Hindsight dictates that this was a stupid idea. As I said, I was a yucky day. I had had it. If presented with the situation again, I would probably re-think it. Of course, this was 4 years ago. The company has changed dramatically since then. Today, I wouldn't think twice. Sad.

    Good point, Ovah.
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    By the way, the bumper did need some 're-adjusting' afterward. The mechanic was very handy in fixing it. Per the center manager's request.:wink2:
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    I'm on my tow truck drivers Christmas card list! Have to get yanked at least a dozen times a year. Comes with the territory.
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    I drive 230 to 260 miles a day in the middle of nowhere Get stuck every winter numerous timesnever been charged with an accident. My thinking has always been if they were to start charging me they would have a lot more emergency condition packages
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    Here in Joisey we get charged with an accident if we get stuck in the snow.
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    Okay, I'll take a stab at it. A tier III occurs at an intersection and ambulance carts somebody away. An average tier III costs the company 50 large.
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    Charging you with a BS accident, sure it sucks, but even the circle of honors people get the same thing the 1year safe drivers get. Can't take something away when there's nothing to take.

    Side note : Had a 30 year safe driver award given in our center a month ago, he got the same plastic sleeved paper and lapel pin saying 30 on it. center manager gave him one of the 10 dollar scaled mintures and a handshake. I asked him later about it and they used to do some sort of parties and you got gold jackets and stuff, kinda like the masters golf tournament. They stopped that awhile back he said. He wasn't bitter or anything about not getting a TV or anything. He said the same thing I say, I'm safe to keep me working and to earn what I can while I can.
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    Any hit from behind is classified as a tier 3. Wether you bumped the car in front or push the backseat through the windshield.
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    By logic, if it is snowing, then the company is knowingly sending you out in dangerous conditions.
    -(per past practice of charging a driver)-
    Ergo, the onus/liability is upon the supervisor that demanded that you deliver in the, fore said, known dangerous condition.
    Jersey, or Texas.
    The same rules of law apply to both parties.
    UPS has a clause in their "guarantee" for the non delivery of a pkg, under the guise of weather conditions. preventing paying a claim on a "guaranteed" delivery date.
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    Sat ,if that was the case here we would just shut down for the winter.
    There is an art to driving in the snow.
    You have to decide before you go in,that you will get out.