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    Let me start by saying hi :-))) to everyone on this forum....I just register a few minutes ago.
    I've been working Pre-load for UPS for a bit over 3 months now....it was not very good the first couple of weeks you know.
    I was never a morning person.....good God....the earlierst I used to wake up was 8:00 am.....LOL....no more.
    Anyhow....this is my story:
    I did apply for the PT Air Driver position at the UPS center in my city.....got the interview....(extremely fast....almost like the HR guy had to go somewhere else in a matter of seconds) and got the job.
    Then, was told to get the DOT....got it done.
    Did the first week of training school, driving with supervisors, road test, DIAD, nice videos, etc, etc....all Done.
    I Was told that the center was going to call me in about 2-3 days.
    After that, a bit more than a week pass and no calls from UPS....by the way....I was calling the center every 2 days to follow up on things....and was told to be patient.
    After 2 weeks the manager called....and the next day went to the center.
    This is the nice part....where I smelled the coffee....the office manager told me that I needed to work on Saturdays in order to be a PT air driver....:confused:1 nice. Had no idea that I was supposed to work on Saturdays....the HR guys did not share that important piece of info.
    Just beautiful.
    It is not that I don't like to work on Saturdays, I just cannot....my wife is a realtor and needs to work on the weekends....and we have two youngs kids (7, and 9 yrs.old).
    Anyways....they said that until I can work on Saturdays they can put me in Pre-load....and that is what I've been doing until now.
    Now....I got pretty used to it.
    Waking up at God forsaking hours is not as bad....(start at 4:30 am).
    Oh well....But....2 weeks ago one of the drivers told me that Saturdays are not a requirement, but a choice....and that sometimes supervisors use Saturdays for training of new guys....because its a slow day, no pressure....that make sense.
    I talked to the Drivers Supervisors, and basically told him that I can go out for a couple of Saturdays just so I can get the experience, with deliveries, and the DIAD. He took my name and phone number....and told me to be patient.
    The next day, the office manager (dont' like the guy at all by the way) said that until I can work on Saturdays that I wouldnt' be able to drive.
    I don't get it....I see many PT air drivers after Pre-load that go out to make deliveries....and they don't work on Saturdays....some do....but it's a choice.
    Should I go a bit higher to get a decent explanation from UPS????...or should I be a bit "patient".????
    UPS it's not a bad company to work for (at least in my own opinion), it's their supervisors and managers who with their obsolete managerial methods screw the whole thing up for everyone.
    (Of course sometimes they are all just brainwashed I guess....)

    Thanks in advance my friends,.
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    Where I work, Saturday del are also 'by choice', however, if no one volunteers, then the low seniority drivers are forced to come in. I've only seen that happen a couple of times in the past several years (usually during a long weekend). For the most part, everyone that comes in on Saturday wants to do so for the extra $$.
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    Why don't you ask your union steward the same questions you have asked us?
    Ask your "office manager" why it is that you see some of your fellow pre-loaders go out delivering Air after preload but you are being told that you must work Saturdays.
    My guess is:
    1)they need people to work saturdays or;
    2)"office manager" thinks you are stupid enough to believe it or;
    3)it might be a seniority issue and you are lowest seniority.
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    I've heard of many centers trying to say that Saturdays are part of the job if you are a part-time air driver but it is not true. Saturdays are bid seperately from Air Exception drivers. Yes they can make you work on saturday but only if there is a shortage of them. That means too many are off, sick, quit, etc.. In order to fill those jobs they go down the Saturday seniority list from top to bottom, as mentioned before, and then from bottom to top. You are the bottom right now but if they have enough Saturday drivers then you should not have to work. They try to do the same thing here. One of our cover drivers wants to quit working Saturdays and just be a cover driver but they say if he does that than he cant drive at all. It's such horse sh#$. They never put up "Temporary Cover Driver" bid sheets on purpose so they can say that everyone are Saturday Air drivers. We don't have any air driving jobs during the week either so its almost like a big conspiracy to keep everyone classified as air drivers. I'm sure this goes on everywhere.
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    Thanks for the fast reply guys....I'm impressed.
    I will ask the union steward sometime this week....I also believe that your are right trickpony1....seniority might be some of the problem.
    Why can't they just say that anyways????....instead of giving me some tour de france BS.
    Thanks guys....
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    Because that is what they are trained to do, and obviously do it well. Intimidation is a great tool when info is hard to get.
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    You are absolutely right toonertoo.
    No good.


    What about using the "I have religious/church obligations on Saturday", or tell them you are seeing a Shrink on Saturdays, they cannot discipline you for Creed. And if they try, SUE!