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Ive been reading posts on BC for weeks now and have learned probably more than I want to know! But, now I need some feedback myself...hope you can help. I just finished my 30 day qualification for FT driver position. I live in the rockies and the winter weather was hellish for most of the period. Snow, ice, chains required etc. Obviously, my numbers were hurt because of the emergency conditions. However, for the last 2 weeks weather is nice, snow gone and my numbers avg 18 to 22 stops per hour. Found out yesterday, I didn't qualify because of inconsistency (duh!). Now I have to do it all over again. Do I have any recourse? Can I fight the decision based on the emergency conditions that they sent me out in day after day?


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You are a probationary driver and until you make it through probation, you are employed at the companies' will. The only recourse you have is to go through another 30 days (if they will allow it) and hope to make it. Don't bitch, don't whine, don't cry. Suck it up and do what they want. If you want a friend/T job, that is.



this post is to funny. ( No I don't mean funny for you, as I"m sure it's not) I mean funny in that they didn't qualify you for "inconsistency" yet when I went to FT and was on my 30 day I filed a grievance every single week for over 9.5. My BA didn't agree with me but did follow thru with the grievances. He thought that I should be sucking up the 9.5's until I was through my 30 days. I asked him " Why does the contract not apply to me while I'm on probation?" He dropped the issue w/ me. I just think this post was ironic.

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I Think your in IF you are not do your 30 dont tell any one i mean anyone till you get 31 go in and say pay me im a cover did you get proper training if you did not do same the same route every day that dont count but your 30 days do. you may have been trying to go full time but you have your 30 your in as a cover private message me ill call you good luck. i hope your in the union.


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Sorry Wyobrown, for the situation you are in. By reading your statement, to me it means that you improved from the beginning of your prob. period to the end of it and that is an expectation of the company. The DM for Wyo is a real head case, heard a couple rumors that he'll retire this fall, the sooner the better.
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Thanks for the support, such a frustrating situation but "ya gotta do what ya gotta do". Something to mention, this same headcase told our on car that if my numbers stayed up there he would not bother with the requisite ride along, wouldnt be necessary. So, of course that gives me more motiviation to kick a**...and what does it get me? A thumbs down. Now, Im told that I will be put on different route for the next go around, THAT doesnt seem right either. Can I request that this gentleman who holds my future in his hands...take the time to ride with me like he is supposed to...so I can show him I know what Im doing? BTW, Ive been an Air driver for a year, I know the DIAD, the streets and the methods.