30 days sporh


Yes, I know I'm working late.
Sounds about like my first days of training. The guy training me drove with the back door of a P-600 open because it was so hot out. He said "do as I say-not as I do".
How was it so hot out in Minnesota? Sumbitch must have had a damn high fever.


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The "official" packet I believe is supposed to start them with 6 hours and end at 8.5. So they are probably 1.5 over. which, outside of qualifying, is very normal.
1.5 hours over everyday?....normal? Not here. Maybe 1.5 clicks.....scratch or better or you made the lock in list. And you were indeed given a lock in ride. Yes, I know production is not recognized by the Union. See above.

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Don't worry about it. Kiss some ass and they'll keep you.

In the past few months 2 drivers had 3 accidents in a year and lost their job. One actually hit the overhead door going into the facility. Both are back working.

Last month some idiot grew a conscious and told management that he had an unreported accident. Nobody asked him, nobody filed a report. Of course he was fired. Idiot was back driving a week later.

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40 years and still scared to death
So sad
40 years and not scared. Smart not scared. Know several drivers fired for not necessarily production....but what getting on the hit list revealed...they'll find something.

You don't know me. And yet make false conclusions based on hatred.....so sad.