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    I have asked a few of our union stewards this question and got different answers, so wondering if anyone here can clear it up. Im a part time employee and I drive through the two seasons. If I get my 30 in 90 when Im not seasonal do I get the full time job or does it go to the next person in seniority? and another question is if I drive a couple days before a season starts and then I start seasonal do the days I work seasonal count towards my 30?
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    If you are a seasonal driver and work any days past the seasonal period as a driver without an "understanding" between the union and the company you should gain senority as a full time driver then and there

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    You really should start putting words like I think or I believe or in my local before blanket statements like these. Makes you look a little less wrong.
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    you are correct I left that part out

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  5. Everything is open to a grievance on this issue. If you think you've been wrong grieve it. They'll sort it out at panel.
  6. barnyard

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    Pretty sure the language changes with the yet to be completed contract.
  7. Inthegame

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    Call your BA. The 30 in 90 language can be confusing and some stewards don't catch the quirks. Basically if you work outside the free periods those days count, but supplements vary on free periods so any advice needs more specificity. Old language is in place.