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    Great company to work for years ago and it has really changed as you all know. My last day was Feb 28th and you know it was a good ride that went fast. Started in high school part time in 1974 then started driving in 1978 in 2003 made it to circle of honor.Delivered my home town rural area for twenty years,received recognition for pulling a truck driver out of his crashed/burning in the UPS big idea, Ohio State Hwy patrol,local police,state and local government. Saw so many management come and go some good some not so.I was at the inducting of three more into the Circle of Honor last week and felt honored to put a jacket on a fellow Upser for 25yrs of safe driving.
    It's in the newer Upsers hands now to keep the company going for them and us. Looking forward to being with my wife (33+yrs) and kids along with grand kids as I'm only just 55 yrs old.The fishing pole and clubs are getting dusted off to be used like they have never been before.
    Luck to all fellow retirees and see you on the water/ gulf coarse. :)
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    Congratulations on crossing over to the bright side. Best of health to you and yours!
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    Don't be a stranger on the Brown Cafe now. You are welcome to post irrelevant Youtube videos here anytime.
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    Good luck and congratulations.
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    Good luck to you! How did you make it to almost 37 years? I just want my 30. God Bless
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    Good job and good luck on retirement.

    Welcome to "Retirement Cafe".
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    The last 4+ years I bid on a 223 inside inside and did about everything in the center. I worked the sort isle(,three to four thousand pkgs),porter was my bid. I also did clerk lite, maintenance, Running partial routs to help fellow divers out as we were short on people do to call offs and Christmas volume.The management team at my center appreciated my knowledge of the company as I was with UPS longer than most were alive.
    The only thing havent done with to company was feeders and that was all night work.Hats off to the feeder department. However I did the air run to Louisville Ky when our air driver was on vacation for a coupe of years in a 30fter, what we called Big Bob.So far I'm enjoying retirement other than getting the retirement paperwork done as our HR dept just gave me phone numbers and I had to do all the work mostly on my own.The medical change over is still in the process and the in itself is giving me a migraine.Hope no one else has that issue in the Ohio valley distrect(central states former retirement paln as well).Thanks, downtime8763
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    Good luck.
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    Good luck and thank you for all you have done for UPSers and UPS.
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    Good Luck it's always good to see a living legend
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    bastard:wink2: I'm 56 and have to keep on truckin' as long as I can.
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    I have a retirement related question. I know when most of us retire we calculate our 30 years and then work backward, deducting the 6 weeks of vacation and our personal and sick time to determine our last day. Is there anything that would prevent us from working up until our actual 30 year date and then collecting the above time in a lump sum payment? I asked my on-car and he gave me the "why in the hell would you want to do that" look. My 30 years will be in April of 2019 and I am thinking of working until that date and taking the lump sum, which would be substantial.

    I am not asking for opinions but rather am asking if this is even an option. Thank you.
  13. menotyou

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    I am not sure, but remember who you are dealing with in Syracuse. He wouldn't let me work through vacations and get paid. Wouldn't that be a similar situation?
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    In your example you are being paid twice--in mine, I am being paid for time that I have earned but have yet to take.
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    Not an option down here,yet.
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    Wasn't the standard always.....Use it or lose it ??
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    Wait to retire until November. Take your 7 weeks of vacation right before peak. You will be done mid October, get 7 weeks of vacation pay plus another half year of accrued time from your anniversary date to Thanksgiving. Several drivers in my center have done this.
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    In the western conference we can retire with accrued vacation paid in a lump or use the time to bridge between last work day and first retirement day. Also we can work one week of vacay with double pay. Only one driver has taken the "lump" and in his case it took a month to collect the pay. No one has tried it since as usually they are ready to leave as early as possible.
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    My dad retired on a little over $135.00 a month plus his ss at 62 with some health issues as an inspector with Monarch machine and tool company in the 1970's and my mother never made it to retirement do to cancer. I had planed on retirement from day one with UPS and along with my wife of 34+ years(who I met there) we don't know how we had time to work.I wanted to retire with my health as most people have no idea and are not ready to meet their maker.Like I tell my fellow Upsers keep in their it keeps my retirement coming.:)
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    I'm from N.E. Ohio (Akron) but I've never heard of Saint Paris......in what part of the state is that city located?