43rd ST UPS AIR DRIVER that has had enough.

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    Hi I' am an air driver for 43rd St Manhattan facility. My Local is 804, I Have been with UPS since FEB 06 so close to five whole years and yes i know im a rookie in your eyes LOL but let me tell you !! UPS 43rd facility is THE MOST CORRUPT Building to work for . I Have Had sups shave my hours, including not paying me o/t after 5 hours and also guarantee me only 3 hours but really its 3 1/2 then threaten to cut my hours if I went to my shop stewart about anything ..not only that... the union works with management to F*** with you...tho not all stewarts are bad. I have been moved around since we had voted for a diff union Reps ROW B which in my opinon is fng weak any been moved from air driver to pm driver to preloader back to air driver now starting next week pm air driving until further noitce. I had guys with less seniority then me working way more hours while i was punching out after 3 and also told sups about bout it and also my manager and would get a simple answer of excesses why they are working and not me, also been laid off for a whole month in November 2010 since they had the helpers do our work. My schedule has been swithed from Mon-Fri and Tues- Sat so many times I dont know what im anymore had my Saturdays taken away from me from FT drivers since i need sat alot since they had cut my hours down to 3 hours a day o yea im not the only air driver i communicate with almost everyone and its the same thing for eveyone!!!! ......I have a question what do you think our future looks like being an air driver with a position about to be fazed out!
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    This is almost impossible to read this. Sorry
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    Sorry wrote it from my Phone, I tried to Edit it from my computer at home but you are only allowed one change. SO DEAL WITH IT!
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    OK, then your answer is......
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    Normal Stewart talking here, you just shruck things off on PT Union employees. I know you understood what i wrote **************************
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    Just letting you guys know the deal of how things are in New York City, No icing on the cake here bud. Thought you guys would like to know.
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    Ya, listening to you, i see why you get alot of help from everyone you talk to. Nice. Dumb:censored2:
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    Listen, you don't even know me. Not cool to be judging. Guys that actually go to work to DO work , get taken advantaged of by both sides including UNION so now you know what type you talking to.
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    I don't care, you come on here with a post that no one can understand. Someone tells you it's hard to resd and you start yelling and calling names, to the poeple that could actually give you some advise you could use. I wonder how thats workin for ya. I don't need to judge, you have exposed everything that needs to be known!!!
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    Well sorry if you cannot understand what I wrote, just wanted to know if you guys know anything else come Jan, am not really worried about it since I have other plans set but just curious. Its not only me affected at my center and building.
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    Have you ever read Article 40???

    In order for the Employer, the Union and the employees to further benefit from the expanding air operations, the following Sections shall supersede language on the same subjects in the Supplements, Riders and Addenda, unless specifically stated otherwise in this Article.

    Section 1 - Air Drivers
    (d) Air Driver Guarantee and Overtime
    (2) Less than eight (8) hour air drivers (part-time air drivers) who have a regular scheduled start time shall have a three (3) hour daily guarantee. They shall receive overtime pay for hours worked in excess of eight (8) hours in a twenty-four (24) hour period or in excess of forty (40) hours per week.

    (c) Air Driver Work Week
    The workweek . . . for all part-time air drivers shall be any five (5) in seven (7) days.
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    Why read when you can bitch?
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    Your guarantee is THREE hours NOT three and a half. Your job is an ART 40 and the ntl contract clearly defines air work min of three hours.

    There's no way the union is going to back your three and a half schpiel.

    *edit* sorry didn't read JonFrums post
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    From what I can understand of your posts you're upset that you don't have enough hours and that they are not following seniority the way you want? You've been given the information you need from others here.

    Rather than display a stinkpot attitude you should be thanking those who were considerate enough to provide you with information.
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    Section 1 - Hours of Work, Guarantees and Overtime
    Part-time employees, when reporting to work as scheduled, shall be
    granted a minimum of three and one-half (31/2) hours, except for
    those part-time employees scheduled to work eight (8) hours.
    Part-time employees who start work before their regular start time
    shall be paid at straight time for work prior to their regular start
    time, plus their guarantee.
    Any part-time employee who works beyond the fifth hour shall be
    paid one and one-half (11/2) times their regular hourly rate for those
    hours worked in excess of five (5) hours. However, when an
    employee elects to accept an assignment to a second shift this provision shall not apply. A second shift is defined as one having a
    planned break between it and the preceding shift. Part-time employees shall receive the guarantee provided in Article 22, Section 5 in
    the National Master Agreement.
    source http://makeupsdeliver.org/wp-content/uploads/revised_local_804_supplement.pdf
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    nevermind just read my book you were right i dont know where the hell that website came from totally different sorry guys
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    Article 40 overrides any regional Supplement when both address the same topic. Therefore,

    Your Supplemental Article 6 language applies to all non-Air Driver part-timers.

    The concessionary National Master Article 40 language applies to all Air Driver part-timers.