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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by coldworld, Oct 19, 2007.

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    anyone else have a problem about this. Ok, Ill play devils advocate, sometimes 1 day warning might be a little tight, I would agree having 2 days notice...but 5???? I seem to use the 8 hr requests on last minute stuff that I wouldnt have known 5 days ahead. Damn, we only get 2 per month...2. If ups cant run the center with having a few guys having an 8 hour in, it just means one thing...THERE ARENT ENOUGH ROUTES IN THE LINEUP. Why does ups care anyway, usually the drivers that ask for an 8 are loaded up anyway and everyone at the end of the day ends up helping out their fellow drivers. Just another example of how this company is run from the "field" and not from the office. Just another example of ups not being able to load an 8 hour day, they just cant do it. How hard is it....take 20 stops off a driver, they sure know how the hell to add 40 stops to a driver.
  2. VTBrown

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    I don't like this nor giving back half the wage increase to the pension.
  3. Steward773

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    Yes, It's another give back. 2 hours penalty pay...give me a break! The whole point for a no overtime day is not work overtime. Not 8.5 hours, not 9 hours, and not 8 hours and one minute! I want to know how our proposal went from bringing it back (finished or not) in 8 hours, and having the company redispatch the work to 5 day notice and penalty pay if you don't make it. Wow, that was a good compromise...Thanks alot:mad:
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    I don't give da** about 2 hours pay. Is it really too much to ask- twice a month let me get the hell out of here after 8hr. DUH!!! Time is not on my side(my apologies to the ROLLING STONES) I can't get no satisfaction (again) from 2 hrs pays when the whole purpose was to get away from work after 8hrs:mad: And 5 days notice instead of 2- GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE WITH THAT CRAP
  5. VTBrown

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    As silly as it sounds. It's the largest reason I will be voting NO.

    As was said....twice a month we SHOULD be able to count on an 8hr day. We all freaken know that you will never get an 8hr day now. You will consistently get 8.5 days.

    No good with the 5 day advance warning either.
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    …………………………..and wasn’t there something that relieves the company of any “penalties” if your working over 8 “is beyond the company’s control”?

    Gimmie a break, it’s always “beyond their control”.

    I’ll be voting NO!
  7. local804

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    multil billion dollar company with a million dollar PAs computer and they cant figure out how to get 8 hours on your car. They could tell you your gps location at 12:59 and what you were doing after lunch but cant get 8 hours loaded on your car. They could do a safety, driver release audit and hand rail audit on the same people 4 times a week but they cant get 8 hours on your car.UPS needs to start usung some of thier saying like "accoutability or get the big picture," Its not like the people are asking for the day off, just a fair days pay.
  8. Just Lurking

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    We get 3 requests in month. I really hope that the national language does not pre-empt our local language somehow.
  9. VTBrown

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    We get two and only two requests per day as it is based on amount of drivers.
  10. mikeb

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    How many drivers will they let have an 8 hr day even if they ask 5 days in advance? Is there a certain percentage? Does it go by seniority? If on a Monday I ask for 8 hrs on Friday will they say "sorry, we already have x amount of drivers requested, better luck next time". How does this work?
  11. Ibt804Hammer

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    this is pretty lame
  12. Brown Dog

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    They are required to let 10% of the workforce obtain an 8hr req, We are entitled to 2 per month
  13. hunchback

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    I don't think its "silly" at all. There are a lot of things to be alarmed about in this proposal, but this a huge quality of life issue. We don't get sick days, two lousy optionals a year (granted by seniority no less), and high dispatches on average due to route cutting. The very least they could do is honor 8 hrs. I have a 3 year old and a newborn and I would like to see them before they go to bed at night every once in a while, or see a school program.
    I can't tell you how many times an 8 hr is supposedly granted and then the preload sup. forgets or just blows it off thinking I will run to get home. 5 days advance will give them plenty of time to forget. Its not like I can just drive in at 8 hrs. I have a 50 minute drive to my area so they can't send someone back out.
    Any other thoughts on this issue or am I just ranting out on a limb?
  14. Peep O'Day Boys

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    I would just like to know how it came to be that the Union now recognizes standards, as well as the companies idea of what 8 hrs of work is. This is the most pathetic part of it all. It wasn't until Hoffa took office that the Union ever recognized Company Standards. Even so, theres nothing in the contract that says I have to run under or scratch. It's supposed to be a fair days work, for a fair days pay...and safety,safety, safety! They can cram the truck full, and bungee cord packages to the roof. In order to safely perform my job, it starts with a safely planned day, with the proper tools and equipment to get it done. They are responsible for our safety as well.
  15. Steward773

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    We found this out real fast in our center. Instead of requesting an "8 hour day" you have to request "relief of overtime". When we first started requesting, no one was making 8 hours. The company said "well we're giving you 8 hours of work", Yea...8 hours on paper. so we started requesting relief of overtime. It's worked, you always have to cross your t's and dot your i's with this company.:wink:
  16. Peep O'Day Boys

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    Stew773 - But are we not guaranteed 8 hours of "PAY", not work, if we show up for our start time?
  17. Steward773

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    Yes exactly, I agree about the whole #'s thing. All I'm saying is when you request a 8 hour day they will give you 8 hours of "their work" not 8 hours of "your work". If you request "a no overtime day" I think you have a better chance at it (it's worked for us). It's just the company trying to use the language against us! Good luck!