5 Seeing Habits, 10 point commentary

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    This is a bit of a last minute thing, but if anyone can name them off for me, so that I can study/learn them, that would be great. I need to be able to recite them by tomorrow and I dont want to look like an idiot. Oh and fight the urge to give me false information:wink2:
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    These five seeing habits promote safe driving.

    Aim High in Steering
    · Imaginary target — baseball/dart board.
    · Centers car in traffic lane. Safe path on turns.
    · “Find a safe path well ahead.”

    Get the Big Picture
    · How wide and deep? What’s in it? Objects and ground.
    · Keeps you away from billboards. Smooth stops and turns. Buys time.
    · “Stay back and see it all.”

    Keep Your Eyes Moving
    · Move eyes. Front: 2 seconds. Rear: 5-to-8 seconds.
    · Keeps you alive at intersections. Keeps eyes ahead of car.
    · “Scan — don’t stare.”

    Leave Yourself an Out
    · Have an escape out. Take path of least resistance.
    · Space on all four sides, but always in front.
    · “Be prepared. Expect the unexpected.”

    Make Sure They See You
    · Communicate in traffic — horn, lights, signals.
    · Establishes eye-to-eye contact.
    · “Don’t gamble. Use your horn, lights, and signals.”
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    Leave one car lenght when stopped in traffic..

    Look left, right, left at intersection..

    Count 123 before pulling out at intersection..

    4-6 second following distance under 30, 6-8 over 30

    Check mirrors every 5 seconds

    Scan steering wheels for signs ofu life

    Stale green lights

    8-12 second eye lead time

    Look over left shoulder when pulling from curb

    Make sure they see you

    I think that is it, im sure it isnt word for word.. But that version passed the Ketter audit..


  5. LED

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    1. Stopped in Traffic - leave car length in front of vehicle, apply parking brake
    2. Start up at intersections - LRL & check mirrors
    3. Count 123 - creates space cushion, check mirrors
    4. pulling from curb - left blinker, mirror, look left, watch tail swing
    5. following distance - 4-6 under 30 mph, 6-8 over 30 mph
    6. eye lead time - 8-12 seconds
    7. scan steering wheels - look for occupied vehicles, use horn
    8. make eye contact - use horn, lights, signals
    9. use mirrors - every 5-8 seconds
    10. stale green lights - decision point to safely stop or proceed
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    IWorkAsDirected Outa browns on 04/30/09

    If you go to upsers.com you can print it all from there
  7. soberups

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    Its useful information to remember and apply, but dont be intimidated into thinking you can get in trouble for failing to memorize and recite it verbatim. Its just a word game the company invented so that it can pretend to care about our safety.
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  8. LED

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    Safety is first in my center.
    Right after -
    pick up compliance
    zero send agains
    zero concerns
    area trace
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    And; sales leads, running all misloads, and United Way contributions.
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    they dont care about any of that in ny these days,, lately its the overallowed they hot on, it will change next month
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    The Ketter Audits are a joke. UPS has seemed to cancel many of them due to cost. They act so irate when a center flunks one. Who gave Ketter the 5 Seeing Habits, 10 Point Commentary, 5 Keys to Preventing Slips And Falls, 8 Keys to Lifting and Lowering, etc., etc.? UPS did. They're the ones who complicated things and then they're pissed when some Ctrs. don't pass. Ketter didn't know squat about what we do. What we do is not standard operating procedure in every transportation company. UPS manufactured this for them and then call it an outside independant inspection. They probably own Ketter under one of their other corporations.
  12. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    This is the correct one.


    really who cares just say all good kids love milk thats all I had to know in 85 I tell them there are no do overs so when we have an audit guess who gets max stops plus 10 they're gone at 7:45 when I get in
  14. wot_racing

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    We thought tricks like that would work for us as well.. We got an ODS warning us they were there, so most of us were punched out as soon as our bumpers hit the dock, and before we stepped foot out of the trucks..

    They just came back the next morning..
  15. UnconTROLLed

    UnconTROLLed perfection

    Saftey -starting at intersections
    Will -when stopped
    Continue -count 1 2 3
    For - 4-6 seconds under 30mph, 6-8 over 30mph
    Every -8-12 seconds eye lead time
    Stop -scan steering wheels
    Somoene -stale green lights
    Employs -eye contact
    Proper -pulling away from curb
    Methods -mirrors& gauges - every 5-8

    This is the "official" one incase anyone is wondering.
  16. dilligaf

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    Never heard that one before, Sleeve.
  17. wot_racing

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    Leave one car length when stopped in traffic..

    Look left, right, left at intersection..(two lefts)

    Count 123 before pulling out at intersection..

    4-6 second following distance under 30, 6-8 over 30

    Check mirrors every 5 seconds

    Scan steering wheels for signs of life(Scan and 6 start with S)

    Stale green lights(Stale and 7 start with S)

    8-12 second eye lead time

    Look over left shoulder when pulling from curb(9 o'clock is over the left shoulder)

    Make sure they see you(10 you just have to remember)

    As you can see, for the most part, there is a number that goes with each one.. That is how I was taught to remember it.. The other two versions here, I have never seen or heard..
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    We had an internal audit the other day they guy was there ONE day. The next day he left because it cost too much money. Safety First!
  19. UnconTROLLed

    UnconTROLLed perfection

    The content is official, not the memorization part. Didnt clarify :happy-very:
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    AH, I see. LOL