8 hour guarentee

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    If you are done early you check to make sure they don't want you to do something else. If its just a few minutes they often say OK, you can go. They pay you for 8 then. But if you refuse to keep working kiss that 8 hours goodbye.
  2. But we don't have time worked option here.
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    The language in our rider says if you show up and are put to work you are guaranteed 8 hrs. Nothing about asking for extra work, or checking in. In the OP's case, if he were in my area, he should get his 8 hrs and a write up for failing to work as directed. Some would say he should be fired for job abandonment, but they don't know what that really means.

    Even if you punched out on the board, if you expect 8 hrs of pay, you are still on the clock until you hit 8 hrs, so you follow instructions. If they release you, then you are clear.
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    That's in the contract? Asking for a friend. Lol.
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    I’m not sure. I don’t know the contract inside and out like some of the other members here but I can tell you for certain it’s been that way since I started in ‘02.
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    I agree with that. I’d obviously ask if I could help someone and it’s never a big deal to help a fellow union brother get off early as well!
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    Damn Me-sters don't think about anyone else!
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    Most don’t!
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    Update. Guess who is getting paid. Stick to your salary jobs, bots.
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    Guess who’s gonna have the most stops in his center this coming Friday?

    You! Lmao.
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    My guess is that you caught the Uppers not doing their jobs and now they’re trying to make it seem like it’s your fault. Those computer screens that they stare at all day, have stops completed, stops left, % of route completed and a little icon of a truck, showing exactly where you are on a map. Have they sent messages to you, in the past, instructing you to perform extra work? If so, then there you go. It’s not your job to find yourself more work. Finish a route, no messages in your board, go back to the center, get paid 8, not matter what time you clock out, unless you agree otherwise. End of story.
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    When I come in and there are younger drivers punched out already I punch out and have gotten up to 2.5 hours of guaranteed pay.
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    Thank goodness you're getting paid gangsta! Maybe now you can take that extra few dollars of pay and put it towards some schooling and learn how to spell

    It's spelled guarantee.
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    Wrong, he punched out and was then told to go back out, here in local 710 when we punch in we are guaranteed our 8 hours, not his fault he was under dispatched and sups are too lazy to check who’s gonna he done early. They also cannot force us to go back out, so much misinformation on this site still.
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    Um we can't force you to go back out? What kind of delusional information is this. If you're in the building and you're punched out... We reserve the right to make you clock back in and work. If you walk out that's job abandonment. But if you get back and the supervisor says you can go but you won't get your 8 or you can go back out and do more work get your 8 and you still walk out, you're forefitting your 8 hours, I don't care what local you're in. Don't get people fired on here.
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  18. BestMgrEver

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    You care to test it? Go ahead.
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    He's a good troll. Probably that Frigidsup dork. Lol
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  20. BadIdeaGuy

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    I know *many* drivers personally who have. Still employed. Got their 8 hours for the day.