9:45 start times?


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My brother, perfectly presented and laid out and exactly as how I approach things daily.

Hopeless is correct. Lack of heart and gutless are also fitting.
It all comes down to what kind of man you are . Sorry but these management people aren't my parents and your aren't going to treat me like you are . If you do something disrespectful towards me I'll going to stop you in your tracks and correct you. I don't give a * if your the CEO or not. This is a job and nothing more . If I get fired I'll go somewhere else. I was fine without UPS in the past and I'll be fine without them in the future . Now don't get me wrong I'm more comfortable with the money and.benefits but I won't let you hang that over my head . You treat me the way you want to be treated . If you treat me like a scumbag your getting it back .

My boy who's a friend so I guess you could say boyfriend Bakerdoodle taught me that .


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You are 100% correct and I was wrong. I stand corrected. Thanks for guiding me in the proper direction.

I never gloat in who is right and who is wrong.

I have been wrong before and have never had a problem admitting it.

I stay on this site to help guide members on what the contract says, or means.

I'm glad to point out the language in the new NMUPSA.


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Leave late? Just run straight air , then go back and run all your bulk stops, then get on with your day. Take your lunch and right when you're done ods that you need help. Relax. How you going to do this for thirty years if you're stressed out?

I love it when I come in to work and see that my truck is entirely stacked out. I walk around the building making notes of which supervisors are stealing our work. I give em all to a 20+ years guy who takes all the grievances anyway.

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We didn't get done preloading until 9:15 today.
the belt stayed on the entire time it's just that the * kept coming.
Tell them to send less *.
Brother, we wrapped at 9:45 yesterday. Don't think I've ever seen a situation like that before where every single driver on a long belt was helping finish loading their trucks.

And not a single one of them gave a *. "Second day in a row over 9.5 baby!"

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9:45, that’s early. I am a feeder driver that drops off hot loads to two different centers. One center has a 10:15 start time the other one 10:45. Pre load sucks so bad there are at least 6 sups working the belt every day because they can’t find any help. I dropped a load off to one center last week and there was 5 package car drivers and 5 sups, including the district manager working the belt. It’s very Rare that the drivers get out of the building by 11:00. 15 years ago there start time were 8:30.