90 day pay raise?

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    Okay well i have a question and id like to see if yall can help? Ive worked at ups since oct 12th. I was a seasonal, and i was moved from loading to small sort in november. My pay went from 8.50 to 9.50 an hour. My checks say regular pay 8.50 then under that they say current rate 9.50. I was told that after 90 days you would get your 1.00 raise. Well in jan they "rehired" me saying that they had to with all seasonals that they keep on. So my new start date is jan 5th.

    I am wanting to know, since i never got my 90 day raise because my hire date was started over, am i still entitled to it after i hit my 90 days from the new start date?

    Im concerned because i started out at 8.50 but when i was moved to small sort (after 2-3 weeks in loading) i started getting paid the minimum for small sort which is 9.50. Is this going to count as my 90 day raise?

    I want to get some insight because ive been helped better here than in my hub with several things before. I know one person in my hub who can help me and he wasnt too sure. (i trust him better than anyone else... ive known him for years and used to work with him at a previous job)
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    For seasonals kept on after peak, your first day back is your seniority date. The 1.00 for sorting is a bonus. So on Jan 5 + 90 days (April 5), you will get 8.50(start) + 1.00 (90 day raise) + 1.00 (sort bonus) = $10.50.

    Further down the road, your raises will be .50 on January 5, 2011, .50 on Janurary 5, 2012, and .50 on January 5, 2013. After that is TBD.
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    It depends on what your Seniority Date is. It might be Jan. 5th, or it might be your original Date of Hire, Oct 12th.

    Check the Union Bulletin Board at work for a Seniority List and see if your Seniority Date is listed.

    Ask your Steward for a copy of the Contract.

    Your raises are listed in Article 22, Section 5 (b) of the National Master available here:


    And your Supplement should address the issue of which date is your Seniority Date.

    The 90-day $1 raise and the extra dollar raise for sorting are two different things. You get them both if you qualify.
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    Okay well, i havent taken the sorting test yet so i dont think the "current pay rate 8.50" and the "regular pay 9.50" has anything to do with the sorting bonus. Ive done the calculations and im getting paid 9.50....

    Im still a little new to all this, and just want to make sure that im not getting one put over on me. I have had problems with getting my 3.5 hours in the past and that took about 2-3 weeks to get straightened out ...
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    I think it does.

    When I started sorting my paycheck looked like yours: reg pay - 9.5, current pay - 8.5. It looked like that for several months until I officially passed the sort test, then both current and reg pay became exactly the same (the dollar higher amount). But before I passed the sort test I also got a raise after 90 days.

    So like the posters said above, you should eventuality get both a 90 day $1 raise plus keep the $1 for doing small sort and then your yearly raises (per the contract) after that.
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    $8.50 is your actual rate. You are receiving $9.50 because you are passing a "skilled" work activity on your timecard which bumps you up $1. From what you posted, it sounds like you received a new employment date of Jan 5 when they hired you permanently. You should receive your next increase 90 days after Jan 5.
    If you want this confirmed officially, ask your sup to put in a payroll inquiry and they will give you the exact breakdown of your rate and schedule of increases.
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    Agree with the payroll inquiry, that is a good idea.

    Also agree that 90 calender days from your start date you should recieve your first $1/hr.

    You are recieving the preloader-sorter rate at $9.50/hr. In some areas while loading gets you the extra $1/hr. If you had put your name on the list to be moved within the building outside of the extra pay (such as unload for ex), then you'd lose the $1/hr pre/sorter rate. However if you were involuntarily moved, you should (and probably did) keep it.
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    Nikki, Does your Supplement contain the language that says if you are "rehired" as a permanent employee after Peak, your Seniority Date reverts back to your Original Hire Date (Oct.12)?

    Yes. No. (circle one)