A courier worst nightmare

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    FedEx driver held at gun point.

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    Not saying which courier had this one, but I've heard of a driver being herded by gang members working the streets, was shot at, quickly drove off... Was offered a armored vest... Quit. The new guy goes in a couple days later none the wiser... Yikes!
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    I hope he protected the Golden Package!! If you bleed on the package, it's an OLCC. If you get hurt or shot it's a preventable injury because you should have "anticipated the hazard". Being held at gunpoint is no excuse for not making SPH or service...another OLCC, or maybe 2. And if the vehicle gets a bullet hole in it, that's a preventable accident, because you should have been able to drive around the bullet or taken one for the company.

    And if you get killed, FedEx will send cheap flowers and a ten-cent Made In China card, with Fred's "signature" stamped on it.
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    As long as the courier is ok, I am happy. Screw the TVs!

    Can always count on MFE for a good laugh though.
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    I agree---he is a joke.
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    Whatever. I feel the same about you.
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    I wish Dizzee was still actively participating in the forum---I would love to see him produce a caricature of you wearing a Ground uniform.
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    In about 5 years, you might be wearing one too.