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    Hello everyone, I'm a part-time outbound service manager at a terminal in Virginia. I've never worked for UPS but I hear alot of bad things about it lol. I have some questions and I hope that you guys can answer them.

    1. Do you think Fedex is any better?
    2. Why do people swear by Fedex? I can't see there being too much of a difference..
    3. How are your package handlers trained? A video? On-the-job? One week class?
  2. DEZERTE[redmondWA]

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    One week class? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. sendagain

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    It's the same kind of work in both companies, but the driver pay at UPS is considerably higher than FedEx. Compare us to the ground operation at FedEx, and we make a lot more money, including great benefits.
  4. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Quite simply.....if you combined your FedEx loads with RPS (AKA FedEx Ground) loads then that is what UPS is like. Our drivers each cover a smaller area than FedEx drivers but with more stops. Everytime I see FedEx trucks they look empty compared to ours. Nobody "swears" by FedEx around here. It's considered an alternative to UPS. People pretty much use them when they get :censored2: off at UPS and then eventually come back to us when they realize we are much more flexible than FedEx is. The two main points that keep us so far ahead of FedEx is 1)We've been in business for so long 2)Customers can get everything they need from us where as with Fed Ex there is actually two different companys to deal with if you have air and ground. Why put up with that when UPS does it all?
  5. upsdawg

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    UPS does it all and we are not a "Fractured" company.Fed Ex purchased Caliber...RPS..Viking---no matter what uniforn you have them wear--or whether you call them an employee or not ,are they really the original, highly repected FedEx??

    Fed Ex created an Air Express Company at rediculous rates, unless you were a Corporate Account and than offered discounts according to volume/revenue------this is when UPS was still hesitant to offer any discounts at all!! RPS entered the ground market and started giving ground discounts, forcing UPS to begin offering discounts based on customer characteristics---or basically on UPS's "Cost to Serve" that customer----this is the big difference between UPS and FedEx....UPS knows what it cost to serve thier customers and will not---and actually can not offer rates that are below UPS cost to serve THIS IS THE BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FED EX AND UPS-------because FedEx pays their employees considerably less and doesn't have a union to pay health and welfare to--especially the Contract Carriers FKA RPS--their cost to serve is less and they can offer discounted rates below what UPS is able to offer........guess what----this is why large companies use FedEx---because they are cheaper than UPS!!!

    The disadvantage for UPS is that if UPS did offer super discounts to customers---and it could because of it's large cash reserves---than FedEx and DHL can file lawsuits on Predatory Pricing.

    Bottom line----UPS does it all with 1 driver and 1 phone call and FedEx has to bear the cost of a separate ground driver and separate air driver---because if you put the 2 together and have 1 driver do it-----they would have to call all of their Contract Carriers" Employees"----which has Class action lawsuit written all over it!!!
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    troll troll trolllll.....
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    I think some trolls are fun, it keeps things interesting.:wink:
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    Why the HELL is anybody answering his question's? Fill out a application and see for yourself!!! If not go to some Fed Ex site and ask your :censored2: question's there!!!!:death:
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    Agreed. FedEx sucks... go away.
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    HERE WE GO AGAIN...which is better us or them...it is the greatest mystery of the universe. Like who came first...you know.
  11. dave_socal

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    I think we all have a biased opinions of course but old timers(more than 15 years) have seen fedex grow from small vans driven by mostly women or girly men to a true trucking company. fedex ground drivers have more of my respect because they deliver heavier stuff than the fedex air side. Yes they are an alternative but asking which is better to UPSers is stupid. We all have our personal dislikes of this company but if you put it side by side with fredex I think you know that the Big Brown Machine still wins. I know this is sexiest but ask 10 good looking women whom they would rather hook up with a teamster in a solid brown uniform with a pension or a dude with a muliti colored outfit that wont shave his pornstache or his mutton chops and no pension.:laugh:
  12. dragracer66

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    It's not a mystery...We make way more money, don't pay for benefit's, great job security, and most of us will get a good pension when it's all said and done!!! If you notice Fed Ex people are allway's on here asking question's about the big brown machine. We should change the login page on here so that we have to enter our employee number to have access this site. That will keep all the Fed Ex as$hole's off here asking :censored2: question's!!!!:thumbup1:
  13. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I don't mind FedExers comming around. It's not that serious. It's a job we are talking about here. Not a war. I talk to the FedEx guys/gals out on the route when ever I have time. Yes we are competitors but that doesn't mean we have to treat them like we are total jerks. Now on the flipside....if they come around here talking smack then that is when we bring down the hammer.
  14. 30andout

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    I agree with big arrow, I talk with fedx guys a lot most are pretty good guys. Some are real jerks too, just like some UPS guys.
  15. Jumperwire

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    Agreed...Seem's like they like to come on here to compare companies and ask silly question's.. I talk to some on my route also and it's allways what kind of money we make or about benefit's or if we are hiring!! Do actually think anybody from UPS is going to leave here for there?...Hell no!!!:)
  16. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I would leave for FedEx (not "FedEx Ground") if they offered me a full-time job. Why? Because it's seems that I'm stuck as a part-timer at UPS so if I was offered a good full-time job then I'd take it. FedEx pays pretty well too. Not as much as UPS but pretty well. Plus they can actually move around in their trucks in the morning. For me it's not about working for the better company. It's about having a full-time job with good benefits and a decent pension. My concern is providing for my family. Working for the better company, which I feel UPS is, is not my concern.
  17. Jumperwire

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    You make a good point and I don't blame you for that. But for a full timer to leave parcel and go to Fed Ex is crazy!!!
  18. hoser

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    I don't see it as a war, I just see it as a nusance when people come on here with the sole intent to stir the pot.
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    Bottom line----UPS does it all with 1 driver and 1 phone call and FedEx has to bear the cost of a separate ground driver and separate air driver---because if you put the 2 together and have 1 driver do it-----they would have to call all of their Contract Carriers" Employees"----which has Class action lawsuit written all over it!!![/QUOTE]

    UPSDAWG, why when dhl undercuts accounts by 50% at times doesnt ups file a lawsuit against that. Fedex has been doing the same thing for selected accounts. This also seems like preditory pricing, no matter what size of company you are.

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