A few questions for las vegas drivers

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  1. UpsguyDGAF

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    Had a few questions for Las Vegas Ups drivers..
    1. Are you required to wear long sleeve shirts to cover tattoos, and whats the tattoo policy overthere?
    2. Is it hell working in the summer?
    3. Would you recommend or not recommend someone to transfer there?

    Thanks for your input, it is appreciated...
  2. lvgolfer962

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    1. depends on the day of the week and who you are
    2. its not fun and you never get used to it lol
    3. 8-9 months out of the year are great for working and in maybe rains(real rain, i don't count sprinkles)5-6 days a year
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  4. 631brown

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    1. Depends on your center manager and what time of the month it is for our division Manager.
    2. It sucks working her in the summer, 115 degrees over dispatched everyday!
    3. Depends on where you are coming from. If I were you I would plan on a transfer here for 5-6 years. We havent promoted a new driver for over two years and have many on layoff.
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    Another question for the Vegas drivers(especially on the strip): all drivers get some sort of gifts at Christmas. Do the hotels on the strip ever give you free nights in the hotel or free buffets/show tickets at Christmastime? I've always wondered that.
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    Damn i gotta say not to convincing for me to relocate to Vegas !!, I would think you would or could possibly die wearing long sleeves and pants in summer !!