A few rookie questions.

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    Before I ask what I ask, I've worked as a package handler for a year back in 2008.

    I've been here for about a month and a half and I'm working in the same PD with the same people, same PT Sup, etc. I asked my PT Sup in beginning of December if I can re-learn the pick off to get that $1 raise in the beginning of January. He said yes and last week he had me do about 15-20 minutes of pick off for a few days. (Keep in mind, I knew the whole belt from working here before). I'm looking at the pay stub for this check and I see myself at $8.50, but 5 hours are $9.50. Any idea at all if this will become permanent? I wouldn't want to get my hopes up.

    I came in the midst of an ongoing contract. I've heard that all seniority raises are frozen until the contract is signed and such. Does this mean on my 90th day, I won't receive the $1 raise? As of right now, am I covered by the old contract?

    I started in the middle of November, once the contract is signed, am I entitled to the retro pay as well?

    Last, but not least, I'm here at UPS again to eventually drive the brown car. I don't mind the wait at all, but there was a co-worker telling me that his time came to drive and he did it for a few weeks before returning back to loading. I asked why and he said it was too much to deal with. How IS the life of a driver?
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    Most brain surgeons and rocket scientists cannot do the job.
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    If you like getting your butt kicked on a daily basis and your good with dealing with screwed up-dishonest-obnoxious-heartless people, you'll be just fine.
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    as far as your seniorty , you never gained any during free period . Your new seniorty date will be 1-1-14 . Your extra dollar , as a steward since 1996 , fulltime combo since 2006 , my position would be once you qualified , passing the belt test , you are to recieve that dollar from here on out , even if you pick off on any other pd in the building . I would be diplomatic about the dollar for 2 weeks , buy you a notepad and keep up with all times you do pick off . They should want you to have the dollar , so as if whoever is the senior pickoffs are not there that day , you are qualified and ready . Anyways good luck .Call your local business agent , get his opinion .
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    ....and then you have to deal with the customers....
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    You forgot spineless and egotistical.