A Little Confused About Retirement

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by big_arrow_up, Oct 11, 2007.

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    So, for the sake of my question let's assume that the proposed contract is ratified and UPS buys out of Central States. Is the retirment going to be by age or by years of service? Some of us at work were talking and a couple of guys said they thought that anyone with 30 years of service would be able to retire regardless of their age. A couple of others said it would be age 57 and at least 30 years of service. Which is it or is either correct? If the second one is the case then I don't see how people are getting so excited over a difference of 5 years (from age 62).
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    You'll know when you have your contract review this weekend.
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    It's 30 years at any age---but believe me--5 years would be a big deal. Download the contract at www.teamsters.org
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    but if you retired before 62 years old with 30 years you take a penalty on the numbers they are throwing at you.you only get the pension stated in these books an videos if you work til 62 years old. an yes 5 years is huge.
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    In all the books they sent me yesterday none of them say this. They all say I can take the 30 year service pension at any age.
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    but if you look at the early retirement section theres a penalty . it doesnt really say alot about it but even if you have 40 years of service,if you retire before your 62 years old your considered early retired an will take a reduced penalty. the green book they sent us states this in a round about confusing way. i called the # on the back of the book an asked them an its correct,if you retire before your 62 you will take a reduced penalty. the penalty is more than it was in central states by the way
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    Wow so I gotta work here for 45 years till I can retire. Cya guys