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  1. superballs63

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    Well, I'm having a day from hell and just need to vent before I snap. I'm a cover driver, and all this week I've been on my favorite route in our center. Its a pretty nice route (97% resi, 2 pickups) and in a very dr friendly area. The route goes out in an 800, but twice this week they have crammed it into a 700. The days its loaded well in the proper truck I can tear it up and be in before 430....but when crammed into an "ice cream truck" I go over 9.5 and yet they STILL will put it in the 700. Then, to make matters worse, our dispatcher thought it would be a great idea to put 56 stops in my 7000 section while putting a whopping 4 stops in the 8000 section. I don't think they could screw it up this bad if they tried. And to "help out" my loader put some of the 7000 packages in the 8000 section, but with no rhyme or reason.....so now at 3, after my lunch is over I have 1 area that I can run and then the last 50 stops of the day have to all be sorted and run and they are all apartments/ splits I've never run.......YAY overtime!
  2. dcdriver

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    Suck it up.
  3. Johney

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    4 out of 5 days I don't have a 7 or 8000 section and 150 to 160 stops crammed into 6 sections.So like dc said suck it up and I'll tell you if you don't think it can get worse.....wait.
  4. Anonymous 10

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    You have a VERY long road ahead of you just let it blow off your shoulder and embrace it whatever the outcome.
  5. soberups

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    I would rather work for 10 or even 11 hours in a blown out P-7 with power steering and a low step than to spend 8 or 9 hours working out of an "iron maiden" P-800 with manual steering and a high step. Fighting bulk for the first part of the day is a lot easier on your body than spending all day every day fighting equipment that the company intentionally designed to injure you, shorten your career, and kill you in the event of a head-on collision.

    One of the nice parts about PAS/EDD is that when they screw up your load there is a record of it. You can show them how many stops were forced onto each shelf, and if they start whining about your overallowed hours you can tell them to go and pound sand.
  6. Indecisi0n

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    I need to make scratch.
  7. brownelf

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    Take a deep breath and accept the fact that there will be many, many more of these days in future. Work at a reasonable and safe pace at all times regardless of the circumstances and you'll have a long career at UPS. I'm with sober in regards to vehicle preference, I'll take a blown out P700 w/a low step and power steering over an old "power assist"P800 w/ a 22" step any day.
  8. superballs63

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    I know to "suck it up" lol. I wrote my rant after I snapped while I was at lunch. haha. I did manage to rack up 108 miles following Edd perfectly, even when it had me go from one neighborhood to another 2 miles away, and then back to the first neighborhood again. haha. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment but I would take an old Iron Maiden with room to walk around and find packages than a nimble little 700 that maneuvers tight but has no extra space....But maybe thats just me.
  9. soberups

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    Keep fighting that "iron maiden" for another 10 years and you might feel differently.I get what you are saying....it is frustrating when they force your route into a car that is just too damn small. Look on the bright side, though...in the old days, that same route would have been brickloaded into a P-6 or even a P-5, with no EDD or PAS, so you would be forced to find a garage or barn somewhere on your route and unload half of the stops onto the ground just so you could sort thru them and come up with a plan. During peak, your "plan" would often involve simply leaving them there until the first week of January when you might have the time to deliver them.
  10. DS

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    I'm gettin' old eh,so my p7 freightliner is easier on my knees and elbows,but I really miss ol' 806034 having all that space to move around in.No EDD here or PAS. I HATE finding crap for places I already was.I also miss the roll up back door as opposed to the stupid barn doors.I'm mostly industrial,commercial and I waste way too many heartbeats getting out to open them every time I have to back up.I agree superballs,I like a bigger truck too in my area.
  11. satellitedriver

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    Loading my own pkg car is one of the rare blessings of being a Sat driver.
    Finally, I have a pkg car that is larger than the trailer the center sends down.
    After 24yrs driving non powered steering stick shift 400's, P5's,P6's, P8's, my P700 freight liner is Heaven on wheels.

    Now, if I can get my planned days under 10hrs I might be able to stick around for a few more years.
    Damn, my shoulders, elbows and knees have almost been pain free since I got power steering and automatic transmission.
  12. kingOFchester

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    the old 800 is tough on the body. We have been at 90 plus days all week. I have been in a 800 all week with 200+ stops. As of yesterday, my body was telling me to stop while my mind said just 195, 194, 193, 192 stops to go before I can jump in my pool to cool down and relax. Today I am delivering my neighborhood. Bet your bottom dollar I will be spending a good part of my hour lunch floating in the pool!
  13. over9five

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    I might bid back to Package when I move back to civilization just for this reason.
  14. UnsurePost

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    How's the commute, around 7am, from your little part of Gods Country? It's hell from this area, west of MHT. Another reason to step back from FT driving = 1-2 hr commute every day, each way.
  15. brownmonster

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    I start a 8:40 and I'm still here at home at 8:20. Rough commute.
  16. UnsurePost

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    If the housing prices were reasonable here I'd be doing the same. Lucky you.
  17. raceanoncr

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    BOY! Did THAT!!!

    First yr of helper, I was one of 3 to test one. Good kid but didn't know odd side of street from even. Had to pre-sheet (yes, SHEET. For those of you who don't know, you had to write every add, package, comments, areas, etc. on PAPER!!!) his whole load.

    New pre-loader (again, no, PAS or EDD or whatever you call it) with 380 stops in a P-600.

    My house was on area. By lunch, we musta had not even 70 off. Went out on front lawn (thank God it was a nice winter, so far), dumped everything out and resorted. Still couldn't hardly move after done.

    Long (and I mean, LONG) story short, helper pooped out, I called and asked what they wanted me to do with missed (about 100 or so).

    Not pretty.

    Never left anything at home, tho, for "January".
  18. menotyou

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    Boy, do I hear ya! I hate Fort Drum!!
  19. over9five

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    I actually have the second longest commute in the hub. One driver lives way up in NH. Washington, NH maybe? I'm not sure.

    I hate you.
  20. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Although if you're hitting 2 hours Sleeve, that's more than me. A lot more.....!