A personal FUNDRAISER for Mitt Romney exits the planet on a GOOD NOTE!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Oct 24, 2012.

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    A TOP GOP TEA PARTY operative, who has PERSONALLY raised money for MITT ROMNEY and had him in his home many times over the last two years has left the planet after being released from JAIL on BAIL for RAPING multiple women.

    Greg N. Peterson was arrested in July for many crimes and had made bail and went to the very cabin where he had hosted Mitt Romney many times and killed himself.

    What happened to the higher moral standards of the republican party and the Tea Party?

    Isnt this just another republican among many others who is just a horrible person?

    Utah Republican activist facing rape charges found dead after jail release - Yahoo! News

    I for one am glad that he chose to exit the planet.


  2. The Other Side

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    AWWWW, nobody wants to take ownership of their fellow tea partier eh??

    Sad when you all ignore these kinds of stories from the republicans.

    Wheres your outrage about a horrible human being? Why isnt this story all over FOX news? Oh yeah, there stuck on Bengazi.


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    B. Libya requires a lot of splainin' by the commander in chump!!! It will stay there and haunt him !!!
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    Look, scum often hides in plainview.
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    Who cares really. Was Romney accused of raping many women no. I could argue Obama has been raping us all for 3+ years.