A Really Trivial Thing That Bothers Me

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by moreluck, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. moreluck

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    Am I the only one experiencing this problem? If this is the only problem I ever have, I will be extremely fortunate, but it DOES bug me.

    I buy a pack of gum.....the large size. There's the little tab to pull that should just zip off the top 1/4 of the pack. I pull the tab or string and the whole pack comes undone and I got loose sticks of gum all over my purse.

    The same thing just happened to me with a bandaid. Pulled the little red string and the string came out and the wrapper was not opened. Is technology moving backward?
  2. leastbest

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    > That's why I stopped carrying a purse!

  3. yeldarb

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    something that drives me crazy is people that assume I am speeding in Big Brown without even seeing me. They will hear the roar of the engine and tell me to slow down, and when I look at my speed, I am going 20 mph without a kid in sight. Just the ding dong who like to tell people how they should do their job.
  4. We`ve heard em all eh,do you have A/C in that thing?Hot enough for ya?What is it a bomb?
    I hope I dont ever say that stuff when I retire.
  5. toonertoo

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    Is that a big envelope of money?????
    No if it I knew it was I would have kept it

    (Will you share?)

    What is it?

    Dont know, you ordered it.

    Is it for me?

    No its for the house down the street I just thought I would leave it here.

    Dont worry he doesnt bite

    Yeah he doesnt bite you.

    Sorry for the dog piles, I havent been out today.

    (Looks like you havent been out in days).

    What can brown do for you?

    Pay me a big fat check on Friday.

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    Is Dale going to race the truck?

    Probably, but they should let me instead.

    And the all time favorite, drum roll big anticipation, did you know that fed ex and ups were merging and they are going to call it fed ups?
    Excuse me I must go barfup, noooo I have NNeevver heard that one

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    You are back in the truck, seat belt on, engine started and releasing the clutch to go. At that point, the customer comes to the door, pick-ups the package and starts to run toward you. You stop,shut engine off and remove seat belt to step off the truck to hear "Do you need a signature? Here is your sign to go with the package

    Or "Somebody said they were shipping going me something. Can you tell me when they are?" My answer "When I am back to deliver it. They shipped it." Oops! that was a verbal for customer complaint
  8. speeddemon

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    I love it when my cusomers say "I wish I had your job and got to ride around all day". GEEEESH!
  9. toonertoo

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    And why are these new cars equipped without turn signals......
    At an intersection with a green light waiting to go left, and the other car just sits there looking at YOU. Like you are the idiot!! Turn signals would help alot here.........
    Then they flip you off!!!! For delaying their travel!
    And the ones who take two lanes to turn their Honda into a driveway.
    And then the phone idiots who cant go til the light is yellow, cant use their turn signals as their hand is holding the phone, but still manage to have a hand available to flip you off when you tap the horn. This same hand could turn that lever on the steering wheel, I believe. And when you call them on it as I do whenever I get a chance, they just laugh like it is no big deal.
    Road rage, who has more reason than us?
  10. rushfan

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    I've always wanted to know why when a piece of toast with butter falls of a counter, always lands on the side with butter.

    Also how many times a day do I hear, "I HATE SIGNING THESE THINGS"

    "My signature doesn't look at all like mine"



    and another one

    "Is that my Gold shipment"
    I'd like to say no maroon, but go dig for some and I'm sure you'll find some.

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  11. casey_in_ks

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    never heard of a car without turn signals. Out here in southwest kansas, we still have some of those crapy old trucks with no power steering. Not good for the carpal tunal thing.

    I'm a cover driver. The one I hear all the time is,"Is he on vacation AGAIN?"

    or this one... "Oh, are you a new driver?" I've been driving for 9 years. oh well.
  12. swingdriver

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    Stupid questions, split routes, going out blind, no power steering... Gotta love being a swingdriver!
  13. fedxsux

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    here's one. handed my board to a lady to sign and she says " this thing is heavy" I reponded " It seems heavier has the day goes on" and I smile at her. She gives me this look, and replies "it must be from all the signatures you get" wow!! I laughed for at least 10 min.
  14. vet

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    "You're on vacation again next week?!"

    Yes, I get extra time off for taking this route & puting up with people like you.

    "He's on vacation again?!"

    As I'm walking out the door I leave them hanging with this incomplete sentence, "Oh, you didn't hear....?"

    I delivered a box to a state office one time. It was a used frozen tater tot box. I sat the pkg down & requested a signature. The lady replied, "We didn't order any tater tots".

    When they ask, "what can brown do for you?". You correct them & say, "It's whats brown done to you".
  15. ok2bclever

    ok2bclever Guest

    Lots of good ones here.

    Another that use to bug me was when I had a bad load where the loader couldn't even load the multiples together and you went back when you found the stray one and you had to hear "oh, you forgot one heh?".
  16. over9five

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    "Where is he today?"

    One of our cover drivers would always answer,"Marching in the gay rights parade!"
  17. casey_in_ks

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    If you're a guy I bet you never hear this one... " sweetheart, let me get those packages for you. Those are really heavy" and I'm not a dainty girl.
  18. rushfan

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    I like to deliver items shipped in reused containers. Just like the tater tot story, I delivered something in a reused beer box. There were some who actually thought there was beer in it. I told them I drank the whole "half rack".

    I've told some who say "where is he" that the regular driver is in an orange jump suit picking up garbage on the side of the highway.

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  19. ok2bclever

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    Casey, no, never heard that as a guy, but would have loved to hear such towards the end of my driving career when the back was really going.

    I'd of even been willing to let them call me sweetheart (but that's the limit).
  20. ok2bclever

    ok2bclever Guest

    How many times have you struggled with several packages through a door without anyone lifting a finger and having someone say "are those heavy?".