A Really Trivial Thing That Bothers Me

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by moreluck, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. toonertoo

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    You are right about the doggie treats, the country drivers all use them, and most of the dogs out in the country are family pets, and not dangerous, so its a good trick to have them just in case. But the pit bulls and rots, dont seem to care, and I dont push it, once bitten, still shy. I remember going back to work after being attacked, and every time I heard a dog bark, or growl, or heard a collar rattle, I would just freeze, which is the worse thing to do as they can sense fear. Im a little better now, but still too cautious some would say. But the ones who would say that arent listening as they cant hear us anyway.
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    I like finishing a delivery where we use a hand truck to get their crap into their office. Then another person walks in and tells me to move it. I tell them I was directed to leave their packages in that place and politely tell them I'm not moving the stuff.

    Every once in a while someone will want me to move other crap that was delivered by our competitors. I tell them no, and they look at me with a puzzling look. Hell, I'm not their office "go-fer"
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    how about when they don't put the stylist back and just put in on the keyboard. That really bugs me
  4. toonertoo

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    I was rather agitated today by several comments.

    You were here early, why didnt you leave this then, would have saved you from coming back.... "honey".

    The regular guy says I can open the package, take what I want and return what I dont.

    Well then let me call your boss and get this straightened out, if I call the shipper and they say it was COD by error, then your boss will tell you its OK. Just hold on a minute while I call this 800 number.

    And I wish I had your job, I could be making all the money you do. You guys make so much money and all you do is drive around.
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    I know what you mean, Tooner. I hate when he calls me "honey" too!
  6. fredly00

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    I call our on-car honey or greet him with a
    "good morning sweetheart" LOL
    Of course this morning he told me to suck something...

    We have pretty good relations at our center till
    of course drivers F-up.
  7. over9five

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    We have pretty good relations at our center till
    of course management F-up.
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    Delivering a 100+ pound pressed wood unassembled piece of furniture and then being asked if you would like to stay and put it together!

    Oh and one more...

    Hey its Santa! My usual reply is yeah that fat bastard only has to work one day a year.
  9. swingdriver

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    I hate trying to back into a gravel driveway from a main road because there is no place to turn around if i nose in. Some maroon always beeps his horn or passes me while i am backing and only makes the situation worse. i wish i could tell them,"all i want to do is get out of your way, give me 3 1/2 seconds to back in and you're on your way."
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