A Special Day


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moreluck said:
Can't expect anything but disrespect from you when it comes to George Bush.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President !! :happybday

What amount of respect does he deserve? I respect the office, but he has exceeded its bounds.

The link I provided was not my opinion, but pretty representative of public opinion.


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"...but pretty representative of public opinion."

Pretty representative of the vocal minority, I think. Most people I speak to support the President. Who do they call when polling? No one I know has ever been called for a "nationwide" poll.


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OMG danny, you are upset that I outed a person who threatened my life and wanted to bring weapons onto UPS property? Never mind that he spouted neo-Nazi propaganda. All I did is do a Google for rodog+UPS+guns and looked at the first couple links.

I never heard an 'I'm sorry for all the crap I said about you' from you. Get over it, baby. I wasted a lot of precious time trying to link to articles that might educate you. So stay ignorant (look up the word, I think you need to)

I'm out of here, again....unless you start spouting parochialisms as if they are universal truths.


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OK, who's the schitthead who spouted the parochialisms as if they were universal truths?

Hey Wiley, Speed it up dude!

Personally I didn't vote for Bush nor would I but still I wish him a very happy birthday.


This is great Susie starting a happy birthday thread for GW. Thanks Susie.

Happy Birthday GW. Thanks for being willing to take on the challenges of such a tough job!!!