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  1. Hello, I'm new..and I have an interview next week for a seaonal driver helper...also I will be taking my CDL knowledge test next skills test Nov..duw to PA laws...anyway..I'm 33 divorce mom of 7 children and really wnat to become a part of the Brown Family in my area. There is a job opening for a seasonal handler and driver helper which you think i should take to start my career with UPS. I know I have to start at the bottem and I have a Can DO/Will Do attitude and willing to work hard to make money I want to become a package driver in my area and I don't know how to drive a you have to know howe to drive a stick before training or do they teach you. Also what is the wages for a seasonal driver helper in Fayette County, Westmoreland County? (Uniontown, PA, New Stanton, PA) Also any vets have any tips/advice/suggestion for a woman who wants to start a carrer with UPS and later become a driver. Once I get in..I want to stay in.
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    If you want to work for UPS long term then don't take a temporary X-mas job. Look for a permanent part time package handler job.

    You are getting way ahead of yourself. If you do take a seasonal job you will have an idea if you want to continue with UPS. There is a reason for the extremely high turnover.

    Becoming a package driver has nothing to do with your ambition or willingness to work hard as a part time or seasonal employee. Seniority rules. Get hired then wait several years (sometimes up to 10 years) and you will get the opportunity to try out for the package car driver job. Just remember - many try and fail.
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    Part time jobs at UPS do not have "normal" hours. Mornings can start as early as midnight during Peak while evenings can have you working that late. A single mom with 7 kids, unless she has a solid support network, may not be a good mix. Medical benefits are delayed for 1 year for you and 18 months for your family. Part time wages, for lack of a better word, suck and will barely cover day care.

    I disagree with brownrodster. Driver helper is the perfect way to get a feel for what this job involves. He is right in that most if not all helpers will not be retained after Peak but this may be the best way for you to see if this job is right for you and your family.
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    A driver helper job isn't a good way of getting your foot in the door at UPS but it is a good way of getting first hand knowledge of what a driver does.
    UPS has 6 to 1 ratio of hiring drivers 6 from the inside (PT) to 1 from the outside.

    If you want to be a UPS driver than you should apply for a PT position either on the morning or night shift. Than after the first of the years you can sign a list to become a driver and wait. If you don't get picked this year than sign the list again next year.

    Anyways good luck if you do apply for a PT position and get accepted. remember thses simpile rules.

    1. Show up to work on time and everyday as a pt worker UPS dosen't put up with people calling in alot. Each PTimer has a specific job and there isn't extra people around to fill in when your out.

    2. Don't worry about what everybody else is doing just do your job.

    3. If a list is put up and you want the job sign it don't let anyone stop you. Remember you never get the opportunity to accept the job if you don't sign the list.

    YES you need to know how the drive a stick. So learn.
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, BNW. Good luck with UPS and let us know how it goes!
  6. Thank you all for the tips and advice. At this time...there is only seasonal work...driver helper and package I guess I will just do the seasonal for now and make sure I show up and work as directed and hope for the best....I do have the support from family..and my ex-husband...when i go for the package handler I like to work the hrs 3:30am-8:30am early hrs will be best for children will be home sleep..their dad can watch them be "home" with I come home..he's going out...early morning hrs is best for me...during those hrs..what is one that unloading/loading/sorter? can you give me an idea...what the position is for those hrs. Again..THANK you EVERYONE!
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    BNW, I gotta ask.......

    7 children......

    A. Are you demented?

    and B. Planning any more?
  8. this time in my area..they are only hiring for seasonal work...driver helper/package handler....DO you think i should wait until after the holidays and when they post for a perm pt time package handler to apply? If I start working as a seasonal worker...does that mean they won't ever allow me to apply after the peak days...for perm pt time work?
  9. ....WOW!

    ....I'm not planning to have anymore children. I've been with my children's father since I was 18 years old...he was 28. We got a divorce in 2007..and we are kinda back together..working it that's my story....I went to college but didn't graduate..I've been working as a Customer Service Rep off and on with a company that keep laying people off..I then went back to school to become a CNA (Certified Nurse Aide)..I work as a CNA and THAT was HARD WORK..I enjoyed it,,,work night shift...11pm-7am and did many double shifts with others called off...was going through my divorce and had to give it up due to NO dependable childcare....and so here I
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    Wow, what a shame you had to give up the CNA job. I wish you the best with your next job!
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    Hey, I started as a seasonal part time driver for Christmas, about 21 years ago. And got hired as a full time driver that following January back in 1989. That doesnt happen any more where someone gets hired off the street like that. Package car driver is a very tough job, you really have to want it. I've seen alot of preloaders that went package driving and didnt make it. But on the other hand Ups doesn't have alot of Lady drivers, so you might have a good chance if your really good, and show that you really want it. Now I'm a Feeder driver, great job, alot less stressfull than package driver. Good luck.:peaceful:
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    As an unloader you unload trailers. You grab a box with average weight of 35 pounds and put it on a conveyor belt. repeat several thousand times then go home.

    As a loader you would grab a box off a conveyer and put it in a brown truck. Would probably load 3-4 trucks with about 800-1200 packages you have to load.

    The hours aren't what they say. 3:30-830 is an aproximation. One day you might work until 9AM. The next day you might get off work at 8AM. One week you might start at 3AM or as early as 1AM. And you have to stay until the work is done. If you need to get home to your children your supervisors won't care.

    What kind of physical condition are you in? Do you lift weights or jog?
    How many flights of stairs could you walk up while wearing a backpack with 35 pounds in it before you would need a rest? If it's only 1 or 2 you are in for a huge surprise. The olympic race walking team could find some talent within the UPS driver ranks. This is an extremely physically demanding job. You might want to start working out before you become a UPS employee.
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    Just an old fashion "Good Catholic" is my guess:wink2:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    You're going to need to work out some kind of schedule with ex-hub to watch kids while you work some crazy hours. I hope some of your kids are old enough to watch themselves.

    7 kids?...I wish you the best, we all do!
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    And yes, knowing how to drive a stick WELL is a big plus- cause you never know what you might get to drive.

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    With the new Lane Enhancements and the On time Network shifts have changed. Especially in the area you are talking about. Your two places to choose from is Uniontown or New Stanton. More than likely you will have to go to New Stanton. The Day Shift there is 10AM-2PM The Twilight Shift is 5PM-9PM and Midnight is 10PM-2AM. As far as the job you will be performing, it could be anything. As far as driving package cars; you are about to go to a place with over 1,000 employees. New Stanton is a huge hub. Employees that are Management and Union are waiting in line to drive package cars. Employees that have been there 10+ years. Don't want to discourage, just trying to be honest.
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    The helper job is really just the "tip of the iceberg" as far as seeing what a driver deals with daily. It takes a good 2 years of working full time on the truck to see the job and see any upside and the radical downside to the job. Long days and trying to juggle your family life will not be easy. If you get in as a part timer it could take many years to get any full time position - driving or inside work. These are tough times as far as getting hired onto the seniority list - the toughest I've seen in my 20 years. Good luck.
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    Here's my advice from a vet...RUN !.

    I think she knows how to drive a stick.....She has 7 kids...:wink2:..JK

    Seriously.....Drivers are away from home from 8:00 in the morning till 8:00 at night...not fair to the kids...
  19. ......are you serious?:dissapointed:...if so why? tell me your experiences!

    I DO have a chance to become a school bus

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    Take the school bus driving job and forget about UPS!!!