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    Please help! Does AETNA have the right to force you to apply for SSDI? I am getting threatening letters stating that if I do not apply by a certain date they will reduce my LTD benefits by the amount that they figure I would get if I did apply. Can they do this when UPS and Teamsters say I do not have to file for SSDI. The union contract states I get LTD for 5 years. No where does it state I must file for SSDI. Anyone having issues with this? Thanks
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    They cannot force you.

    They want you to go on SSDI so the amount AETNA (UPS) pays you is less. It's all about money.

    I would recommend that you save all threatening letters and then, as some point, make an appointment to talk to your states Insurance Commission to file a complaint.

    I also think that once you go on SSDI you're done......out of a job. I could be wrong though.

    EDIT: when you go to talk with the Insurance Commission be sure to take your union contract stating the "....5 years LTD...." with you.

    ANOTHER EDIT: if you go on SSDI you will be paying for your healthcare insurance. If you stay on LTD, the company continues your benefits for the "5 years" stated in the contract....which they hate (spending money on an employee that they aren't getting any labor/work out of.).

    Good luck.
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    Thanks trickpony1. I have contacted AETNA and they insist I will have to apply or lose part of my LTD payment. I have called every UPS HR available. They keep passing the buck. I can't get any answers on what my options are. THanks for your help.
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    Did you actually expect any help from the company?

    I would encourage you to visit the Insurance Commission office. Eye to eye contact tends to get people's attention.

    It may involve a road trip but, trust me, it's worth it.
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    You would think a 30 year employee would be treated better than this. I really need some answers, however HR or the Union will not help. I am thinking about just retiring but I need the full benefits to continue my cancer treatment. I still have several surgeries to go and will have to go on self pay in a few months. When I go on self pay that cuts my monthly benefit in half. When all is said and done, I will be posting my entire story so all you current UPSers will know what to expect if you ever are faced with this. This forum really helps when UPS fails. Thanks
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    It appears AETNA's presumption is your situation is terminal. How would they know this and, again, ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS THE MONEY.

    I wish you the best and, if at all possible, personally visit the Insurance Commission office with all your paperwork.

    Please keep us updated or, at least, PM me.
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    Thanks I will. I am going to call the state Board if insurance comission tomorrow morning.
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    Are you within reasonable driving distance from them?
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    No, we live way out in the country. Nearest town is 65 miles out.
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    I'm not an attorney but the contract is a legally binding agreement.

    Nowhere in the contract does it talk about "...if's, ands or buts.....".

    If the language says "....five years...." then that's what it means. I think the language also says the company will continue your benefits for said period.

    Do you have cause for legal action? I truly think/hope so.

    EDIT: get the name and direct phone number of the person who is working your case.
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    This wouldn't be in the contract, it would be part of the disability policy itself. This is very common and part of most disability insurances. Chances are it's part of the policy. Might want to ask someone for a copy of the policy itself.
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    They are sending me a copy of the policy. However, UPS needs to let it's employees know because AETNA is just a third party administrator for UPS who is self insured. The union should state this in the contract. The union and UPS are hiding behind AETNA on this. When an employee calls and ask for answers they need to know the answers and stop passing the buck!
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    Good luck with treatment
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