Age Discrimination !!!

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    I Have Filed An Age Discrimination Case Against Ups . There Have Been Discussions In Management On Getting Rid Of The Older Drivers (over 40 ) Ups Employees , ( Cut The Fat ) Does Any Know Of Any Such Discussion ???
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    I don't know about any discussion but I have seen older employees (union) who filed comp and were encouraged to take a disability (amounting to pennies on the dollar and not enough to survive on) and resign.
    The company considers older employees a "liability" because they "might" file comp and cost the company money. Never mind the 20+ years of loyal service to the company and the according profits these employees rendered.
    It seems I remember a recent U. S. president mandating that age discrimination shall not occur. So what does big business do?.....they disguise under as a resignation. I also believe our beloved Liberty Mutual may be behind some of this.
    Makes me proud.:mad:
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    Do you really think UPS would be themselves in a position for lawsuits by targeting drivers over 40?

    If that were the case, the targets should be all employees over 40. Management, administrative, specialists, etc.

    The only employees I ever knew of who were targeted for anything, were employees, (union, non union and management), who were not doing their job.

    And the action to be taken was to work with the employee, document the results and hold the employee accountable to do the job.

    And the documentation part, is accountability and understanding of the training given.

    Now if after all that, the employee still chooses not to do the job, then they should be looking somewhere else.

    This is based on my experiences as a UPS management person.
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    In our center the older employee was more dependable, more capable of completing their days work and considerably a better employee. No one in management that I know of ever targeted some one because of age. Seems to me you are just trying to convince yourself of something that does not exist.
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    Hello folks out there. This guy is a troll. He\she is a lawyer that is hoping to file a lawsuit even though he\she doesn't have a client yet. They just see money in being able to sue UPS. UPS isn't a perfect company, neither are all it's employees. But it just burns me up when lawyers try to sue for the sake of suing. The country would be in a lot better shape if there were 1/2 the number of lawyers as we have today. Brown Driver, you should have signed up as sleazy lawyer. At least that would have been honest. Oh yeah, I forgot honesty would probably kick you out of the lawyer club.
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    It's truly a sad day when a "plan" our sliderule types in I.E. conceive something that is humanly high time these "armchair" quarterbacks get a clue as to what can and can't be done.... lets see em give us some realistic allowances and consider our age and phyical abilities :thumbup1:BC
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    They sure wouldn't announce such a thing!
  8. scratch

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    I'm 49, and I haven't heard anything about this. The only age discrimination I am aware of is my Central States Pension Plan says I have to be 62 to get the full amount! I hope we can fix that next year, I will be glad to put my route up for bid so one of the young drivers can get it.

    Somewhere in the current contract it has language about our ages, not sure which article. It says something that has been called "old man allowance". It deals with us being able to do our jobs as we grow older. I asked my PAS Supervisor about it the other day. He said he understood that it meant that we could use our seniority to bid on an easier route.:laugh:
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    {link removed}

    Here's the website for the lawsuit solicitations regarding drivers over 40 for express delivery companies.

    Perhaps Brown Driver is one of the attorneys or a Purple Driver - in any event, I'm sure the reason for this post is to spark interest in lawsuits, and it looks like this website sparks interest.
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    I guess theres no 40 year old drivers in california, or this lawsuit would have already been filed.
  11. UPS Lifer

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    The reason you don't see the lawsuit in California is because there is no merit to EVER making something like this making enough money to draw in the sleezy lawyers it would take to make it happen.

    We all know that if it could happen it would have already happened right here (California). ....that is one of the reasons I am moving outta here!

    UPS is extremely sensitive to every type of discrimination there is. If someone starts any type of discrimination - there will be an investigation and the cause will be eliminated. If there is a need, UPS will provide training or additional training for those that need matter the cost.
  12. UPS Lifer

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    The older I got before I retired, I noticed a sort of reverence for the older and more importantly, more experienced drivers. Management as well as non-management know what a driver has to go through to become older and more experienced that is why I laugh at someone stating that UPS is wants to get rid of the older drivers. You got to be crazy, if you think that.

    The older I got the more I felt at ease with my age and keeping my job. I would be very skeptical of someone that states discrimination. The individual is probably not doing the job and is trying to take the pressure off of them.
  13. 705red

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    Your right about that i have seen good people management and union lose their jobs over discrimination claims, ups feels its easier to fire and hope it goes away, but it only helps the filers case because now ups admits the employee did enough to get fired. But thats with any company im sure, people hear lawsuit and they want it to disappear.
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    I've never quoted myself....this is kinda fun. :lol:
    I guess you all have never heard of the nationally known retail store (don't know if I am allowed to use the name) that was getting rid of older employees. An expose' was done by one of the reputable TV news magazines. It hit the company hard and almost caused it to close.
    For the poster who thought "our" company would NEVER put themselves in a litigous position by getting rid of older employees....I got news for ya and I don't care how many years you were in management, I work at a larger hub and I personally know of 3 cases where the employee was given a percent of disability if they would resign. Liberty Mutual thinks it is cutting it's losses by doing this even if the employee is willing/able to work.
    Once again, I suspect our beloved Liberty Mutual is behind some of this and if it can be disquised as a resignation who's to know?
    I wish I lived in the fantasy world that some of you all live in.
  15. UPS Lifer

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    I tend to disagree that it helps the filers case.

    Here is why - When you know there is a problem and you do what you can to eradicate it (training and corrective action). I used to use the words "corrective action" because I think that discipline is percieved as a negative action.

    It shows that the company is doing something to fix the problem. It is when a company knows what is going on and does nothing or the filer finds the "smoking gun" - something is writing that condones the practice that the filer sees "$cha-ching$"!.
  16. UPS Lifer

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    Worker's Comp, and disability are entirely different animals. Each case is unique. I know of cases personally where drivers were given 23 combo job, a UPS Customer Center job and 2 porters jobs. These guys all worked for me as productive drivers at one time. I know of a couple that were given the option to be retrained and take a permanent disability. These type of situations are going to happen. I personally had a bad back and hip (if I was a driver, I would have been history) but I could still do my job and nobody ever tried to get rid of me because I was too old or had a bad back or a bad hip.
  17. tieguy

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    Looks like an interesting case to try to prove. Company gives preferential job assignments based on seniority which usually translates into age. company agrees to language in the contract that states they will consider age. company has made accomadations to various employees throughout the country in some cases creating red circle type positions for someone with health issues.

    brown driver perhaps if you're not a lawyer troll here drumming up business you could elaborate on your age, why you feel you were singled out for your age and tell us if those drivers in your building with the same age or older were treated the same way you were?

    Then perhaps you could also clarify the type of discussoin information you are looking for and tell us how you would differentiate that from the normal "i'm getting too old for this crap/ he's getting too old for this type of work" commentary that probably goes on in normal every day dialogue between normal every day people.
  18. upsdude

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    Law in many states addresses workers Comp. In Virginia for example, the extent of an injury and function loss may require a percentage of disability. UPS and their insurance carrier have no input. Of course it could be argued UPS does have a say since they’re paying the doctor making the diagnosis.

    I was over 40 when I suffered what 2 doctors called a career ending injury. Two UPS doctors said I was done, I argued for a 3rd opinion. It was UPS that agreed to my seeing a 3rd doctor that offered another treatment option. With what UPS had spent to that point I could have understood their wanting to cut the losses. I’ve been back to full duty for nearly 7 years with no pain.

    I just haven’t seen “Age Discrimination” in my 20 years (all FT driving) with UPS. What I do see is management asking the most senior drivers to mentor the new (younger) drivers. I had a long time manager tell me just a few days ago that UPS is going to be in big trouble when all the “old school” drivers retire.
  19. trickpony1

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    .....could that have been because you were in management? hmmm.......
  20. sendagain

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    I knew something was wrong with this post when they said they had heard management discussing getting rid of older drivers. Not only are the older drivers often more reliable, nobody would have been privy to that discussion. As far as retiring employees on workman's comp, I have only seen them do that when the employee rode the claim endlessly, or was so repititively injured to warrant such action.