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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by whisper, May 11, 2005.

  1. whisper

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    will feeder drivers be part of this expansion?
  2. menlo

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    No, Menlo has drivers that will be picking up the freight.This is a different part of UPS called Supply Chain Solutions.The drivers will be UPS Cartage Services.
  3. trickpony1

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    Let me guess......"UPS Cartage Services" drivers will not be organized (as in "union")?
  4. upsdawg

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    Supply Chain Solutions is a broad spectrum of services offered to customers---we will warehouse their product----repair their product----move their product by ocean--truck--plane-----air freight is a component of what SCS offers. Is there going to be a mandate to switch all of the previous Menlo Logistics employees over to union?

    I would hope that SCS continues to have the flexibility to obtain new business-----to obtain new business at rates that are above our costs---if we tie their hands with a high cost of unionized employees it will limit their success when they are bidding against non-union companies (FedEx--DHL)whose costs are much lower---thus they can offer lower rates and undercut us to get the business.
  5. menlo

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    I am a driver in New York State for UPS Cartage services and we are Teamsters.Most of the former EMERY/MENLO drivers are union.There are still some nonunion stations out there.
  6. vet

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    In my area Menlo is teamster