Air Driver Progression Question

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  1. ThatsLogistics

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    Hello I started air driving on Saturdays roughly a year ago after I won a seasonal driving bid for vacation coverage. I have filled in for EAM's covered a PM air route and drove probably 75% of the Saturdays in the last year. Will my progression begin the first day that I delivered air or is there another way of calculating it since I am technically a seasonal driver. Thanks

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Should be on your first day of driving, was for me.
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    1st day driving, I hit my 2 years in July. Cant wait for that raise, easiest money I will ever make.

    By seasonal do you mean reg temp? Jun 1 - Dec 31?
  4. ThatsLogistics

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    May 1st to Aug 31st and then peak season
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    I thought my one year had passed but looking back at my texts it appears to be mid May sometime. Thanks for the responses.