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  1. allentownups

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    Are the full time air drivers paid the same as package drivers and do they receive the same benefits? What's the top rate for air drivers and how long does it take to get that? I've got a cousin who lives in the midwest and he said they are hiring for that job out there.
  2. brett636

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    A full time air driver makes about $2/hr. more than a part-time air driver, but they(full time air drivers) are still $5.00/hr. short of a top rate package car driver. You can still drive air part time and get paid the fulltime rate if you are a 22.3 combo air driver like myself. I am paid the full time air driver rate while only driving part time. Although I do get asked to drive for a full eight hours on some rare occasions.
  3. Baba gounj

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    I'm a 22.3
    My inside rate is higher ( top pay ) than my air driver rate; about $5 less.
  4. chopstic

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    I think the 2 year pay progression is different.. full time vs part time. But top wage is the same for both
  5. some1else

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    no ft is a couple $ more
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    How is that for an answer?
  7. UnsurePost

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    The current top rate for F.T air drivers is $23.32/hr
    The current top rate for P.T air drivers (to my knowledge) is $21.32/hr

    Same benefits, and top rate progression for both are 2 years.
  8. thom1842

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    This is correct I'm a part time air drivers and we have many combo air drivers/inside workers and they make the FT air rate.

    As an aside, only 5 more months until I hit top rate!
  9. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    It's a long 5 months, believe me! It's worth it though, especially if you are part-time.

    From F/T progression rate to 22.3 rate isn't as much if you consider the tax hike. Sometimes now that the volume is low, I take a day Voluntary layoff, just to keep my pay under 750$ so it falls into the 15% tax bracket (37k/year) :)
  10. thom1842

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    Yeah I can't imagine having a better paying PT job while I'm in school plus medical and tuition bennies. Here's hoping I can last until I hit top rate without being laid off!:greedy: