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Is Delivering air on saturdays overtime if it is a sixth punch for a part timer in the southern supplement?

I'd say yes but maybe you should ask your Shop Steward.
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Is Delivering air on saturdays overtime if it is a sixth punch for a part timer in the southern supplement?
Depends do you drive air during the week or do you load and unload? If you drive air then yes it’s a sixth punch if you don’t then my understanding is no.


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The answer is not clear if you are not a part-time air driver. Speak to your steward.

Southern Supplement Article 49 Section 1(A) does not mention 6th punch.

Article 58 Section 1(B) says 6th punch is all overtime, but that whole section is referring to a full time schedule.

If you are a part-time air driver during the week, then 6th punch is regular pay under Article 40 Master Section 1 (d)(1).


Could you describe the ruckus, sir?
Article 58 of the southern says "all employees". I'm assuming the interpretation was PT as well.
You're probably right. Article 49 is titled Part-Time employees and talks about overtime, but doesn't mention 6th punch. I need a flowchart or maybe a baby mobile that i can hang over my bed to study before I go to sleep.


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In order for the Employer, the Union and the employees to further
benefit from the expanding air operations, the following Sections
shall supersede language on the same subjects in the Supplements,
Riders and Addenda, unless specifically stated otherwise in this Ar


(k) Saturday or Sunday Air Work

To perform Saturday or Sunday air work the Employer and the
Union recognize the need for air drivers other than those regularly
scheduled. Qualified part-time employees who are interested in
performing this work will so notify the Employer....

These employees shall be paid at the air driver’s straight-time
rate of pay in accordance with Section 6 below. Time and one-half
(1-1/2) will be paid after eight (8) hours per day or after forty (40)
hours per week.

So according to this language, since Article 40 supersedes any supplement, rider or addenda, the answer would be no to overtime on a 6th day punch or 7th day punch. Unless you work over 8 hours that day or 40 hours for workweek.

I went through this for a few years when I did Saturday air (I am part time/preload/air driver) and we always complain about why we never got overtime for a 6th day punch (unless over 8 hours or 40 workweek). I finally found the answer to it during this past peak season when I punched in Sunday night (7th day punch, DOUBLE TIME) to do set up in my hub, then I would drive to the Airport around 2am Monday morning (figuring I would get double time the entire shift) , and they were paying me straight time for my Airport shuttle work. Double time for my in building set up work, because I was coded as preload.

long story short I filed a grievance, it went to panel, and this is what the Labor Manger showed me on our contract under Article 40. Did I agree with it, no, because I was pissed I wasn't getting my double time for entire shift, however, language is language and its pretty clear here.

hope it makes sense and helps.