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    Najibullah Zazi.......I knew in my gut that this guy was lying and is involved with AlQaeda. I just knew it !!!:biting:
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    Where did you expect him to be? In pakistan? Sheesh... BUSH couldnt nab crap in 7 years....

    OBAMA has another terrorist DOA at the hands of his military. Doesnt matter if he was on the moon when he gave the orders. He's still the commander in chief.

    Dont be a hater. Honor your country's victory without the taste of lime in your mouth.

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    Don't be a hater? Now THAT is hilarious coming from you.
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    I'll be watching the future speeches when he tries to say how he was there when this dude went down. I honor my country, but it's leader sucks limes!!
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    you wouldnt understand military success unless a drone took down your home. You supported Bush for 8 years and his wars in 2 countries accomplishing nothing and spending trillions of dollars we didnt have, and now, when we are actually getting something for our money ( like kills of leaders of al qaeda) all you can do is complain about it.

    WHen OBAMA took office, he said he was going to get out of IRaq and afghanistan and go into Pakistan and surrounding countries to capture or kill top al qaeda leaders, and so far is he doing just that.

    Thats leadership no matter how angry it makes you.

    Your party said he was crazy for saying he would go into those countries, I wonder why????

    As an american, if we are going to spend trillions of dollars on wars, then I want to see heads roll. You may be comfortable spendning trillions on cases of coke for the troops to hang out in the desert of Helmand Valley doing nothing, but I prefer the president making decisions from anywhere he wants to be as long as they produce RESULTS.

    You know nothing about honor, you continue to be told how to think, what to post and how to feel.

    He's black, get over it.

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    Your first 3 words are your constant mantra...........I never read past them......ho-hum.............
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    And your first three words are someone elses first three words,


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    I haven't pawned anything !!
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    Clueless, gotta love old age.

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    Your defense of Obama's war making IMO is not consistent. You turn a critical eye to the events of 9/11 and suppose upon that day a motive that benefits towards the war making powers of the American Empire. Now you turn back around defending those war making powers as they expand and even more so, to hunt down an enemy that you make a case may well be innocent of nothing more than defending their homeland against an aggressor state. Now I do agree that much of the blowback are from average folk reacting back to an aggressor state but your defense on Obama's war policy flies in the face of what you purport to be the events of Sept. 11, 2001'.

    If 9/11 is an inside job, on what grounds does Obama hunt, seek and destroy a group of people who according to you had nothing to do with the "Pearl Harbor" event that the President uses to justify his own actions?

    TOS, you can't have it both ways!
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    make no mistake, I oppose all wars, especially the two we started under BUSH, but as long as we have troops on the ground or planes in the air burning MY TAX DOLLARS, there better be results.

    I would prefer all troops leave those countries and be sent home to their respective families. I agree, those that are being killed may be, and morever ARE probably innocent of any crimes other than being named in a group we dont like.

    There has to be an end to these wars and soon, its killing our economy. But along the way, you bet your azzz I want to see OBAMA get those that 6000 of our proudest soldiers gave their lives up for under BUSH.

  13. Baba gounj

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    [h=1]Widow: After 8 deployments, Army Ranger takes own life[/h]
    But Staff Sgt. Hagemann's widow says her husband took his own life - and it didn't need to happen.

    "It was just horrible. And he would just cry," says Ashley Hagemann.

    Ashley says her husband Jared tried to come to grips with what he'd seen and done on his eight deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    "And there's no way that any God would forgive him - that he was going to hell," says Ashley. "He couldn't live with that any more."

    Ashley says her Army Ranger husband wanted out of the military.

    "He just wanted to know what it felt like to be normal again," she says.

    Staff Sgt. Hagemann had orders to return to Afghanistan this month for a ninth tour of duty.
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    Seems Washington is aiding and abetting "our enemies" again. Seems our good President invading another country but in the case of Al Qaeda, he's fighting with them and not against them.

    So much for making it count!

    So on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Al Qaeda and the US Gov't will join hands and sing Kumbaya?
    Moreluck will stroke out on Obama and she won't be alone!

    No one remember the late 1990's, Kosovo and the KLA?
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    I agree. Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex on his last day in office. We are living the experience today. Our military and its think tanks ( heritage foundation, american institute, PNAc) are shinning examples of what Eisenhower warned us about.

    Even as a republican, Eisenhower knew that the military of this country would direct policy in washington dc and that would cost us trillions of dollars and thousands of lives.

    He was right on the money.

    Until we SHRINK our military and its influence on USA policy, we are doomed for more wars and loss of life and money.

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    But you guys on the left have been saying for years that the more government spends the better it is for our economy.
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    On the contrary, I agree with Eisenhower, a republican, whos warnings about creating a larger and larger and larger military would lead us into turmoil.. The spending of military money is outrageous.

    I agree with RON PAUL. CUT THE MILITARY.

    Hows that for the left?

  18. Baba gounj

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    Then cut the social programs.
    It's time for everyone to be responsible for themselves.
  19. av8torntn

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    How is it even possible for you to support Obama? His entire economic policy is for the government to spend more money with the intent to create more prosperity.
  20. The Other Side

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    This is the knid of ridiculous statement the right wing makes when trying to distract americans.

    OBAMA is not trying to create PROSPERITY. He's trying to jump start the economy, creating jobs which spawns growth in the PRIVATE SECTOR. If the goverment starts a road project, like a 3 state highway project, how many private companies would be needed to complete the job?

    1) steel workers
    2) heavy machinery operators
    3) assemblers
    4) framers
    5) concreters
    6) asphaulters
    7) engineers
    8) and many supervisory companies.

    This employs thousands of americans, collects income taxes, pays into social security and disability from both the goverment and private sectory people working on the project. This doesnt create prosperity, it creates growth.

    You fall for the same ole' tired mis information in order to support doing NOTHING and letting the economy go down the dumpster.

    So far, the private sector isnt creating a single job since the tax cuts were extended. Under bush, they shed 11.5 million jobs before OBAMA took office. Relying on the private sector to jump start the economy is like jump starting a dead battery with a dead battery.

    The goverment, while not in the business of creating wealth, is in the business of running a country. When the country needs its goverment, then the goverment acts. If it has to take the lead and start the projects that will grow the economy, then sobeit.

    You can rely on BUZZ words to make you feel good, like your use of the word "prosperity", but numbers are numbers. The more people are employed, the more revenue for the country is recieved. Its a simple math problem.

    Maybe you support Michele Bachmans idea of eliminating the minimum wage to create jobs?? Theres some outside the box thinking.

    What you support has been mind boggling for about 11 years now.