Alito Confirmed


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He was confirmed on a almost party line vote 58-42. What a contrast to when a equally far left candidate, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was confirmed. I shudder to see the next time a Democratic president sends up a nomination. Unless the Republicans show amazing restraint, which I think they should, it's not going to be pretty.


did you see Teddy K's filibuster on the news? Rabid dog in heat with a bad case of the trots came to mind. That man has lost all dignity if he had any left.

If our politicians really have a problem with Supreme Court confirmation process then they should legislate a change to the process. Not accuse a good man of being a bigot in order to kill his confirmation. Kennedys remarks during his filibuster was as despicable as anything I have ever seen in american politics. In fact he should be forced to go through a confirmation process in order to keep his job.


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Kennedy is an idiot, I don't understand why he gets elected year after year. Too bad he didn't show the same compassion for Mary Jo when he left her in the back seat to drown. The appointments made by Bush will affect this country for years to come, in a positive way. Maybe some of the Ninth District Court judges will start actually thinking before they come out with some of their far out decisions.


And after all the attempts by the idiot fringe of the democratic party to try to destroy Alitos reputation what does the good judge do with his first decision. Nothing more than rule against an attempt to proceed with a death penalty sentence. A surprisingly liberal decision for such a bigoted nazi to make . What the heck is the world coming to Susan?


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I believe I'm correct on this but all the justices accept 1 are republican nominees and we still have Roe v Wade, etc. etc. Now Alito does this for his first opinion. I'n not surprised at all and if his standing was on law which I will assume it was, then you can ask nothing more of the man.

Personally I think abortion is not a federal matter but a State and local issue and should be overturned on that point alone. On a personal level I think abortion is wrong but that is not for me to decide for someone else. They must do that for themselves. Their morals may be different than mine and they must live with that and it's consequences.


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Wouldn't you like to see Judge Alito and Chief Justice Roberts questioning the Democrat Senators to determine their qualifications for Public office? Just imagine matching the IQs of the Senators and the Judges!

The questions might go like this:

Judge Alito (JA): "Senator Kennedy, I see from your official resume that you attended Harvard University..."

Senator Kennedy (SK): "Yes, your honor, I certainly did."

JA: "Did you graduate?"

SK: "Your honor, I respectfully ask that you not pry into my personal life..."

JA: "Is it not true that you were expelled from Harvard for violating the honor code, to wit, you hired someone to take an exam for you?"

SK: "Mr. Chairman, I want to go on record that I disagree with this line of questioning. I ask the chair to order the Judge from asking questions about my private matters.."

Senator Specter, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee: "Answer the Judge's questions. He answered all of yours.."

JA: "Senator Kennedy, we have on hand a transcript of the session of the university's honor council attesting to your fraudulent examination and subsequent expulsion from the university..."

SK: "I have had all I can take of this line of unreasonable questioning. I am going to ask Al Gore how he managed to keep his early departure from Vanderbilt University Divinity School away from the eyes of you religious nuts..."

JA: "Wait, Senator Kennedy, I want to ask you about the 26 phone calls you made from a motel room the night Mary Jo Kopecne drowned in your car at Chappaquidik, when you said you were asleep all night..." [ Kennedy flees the hearing room ]

Senator Specter: "Chief Justice Roberts [CJR] will now interrogate Senator Biden [SB}, Democrat of Delaware..."

CJR: "Senator Biden, is it not true that you were expelled from law school for plagiarizing another student's work?"

SB: "Wait, Ted, I am going with you..." [ Biden flees the hearing room]

Senator Specter: "Judge Alito will now interrogate Senator Feinstein, Democrat of California..."

JA: "Senator Feinstein [SF], why did you vote for the former Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan of West Virginia [Robert Byrd] to be the Democrat Senate Majority Leader in 1986, 1988, 1990, and 1992?"

SF: "Wait, boys, I am going with you..." [Feinstein flees the hearing room]

End of hearing