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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by not who you think, May 7, 2013.

  1. Karma is a bitch

    Karma is a bitch Be careful what you say

    No matter what is offered, ups always has at least 2 or more backup offers or contracts just in case it doesn't get a yes vote. So why agree to first one. They will always offer the lowest and worst one first.
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    Because if customers hear that, they divert volume and there will be less bargaining unit employees on the payroll.
    If you have enough seniority, not a problem.
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    I call BS on this one! Customers are under contract.
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    OK, sorry but that is just ignorant.
    Have you ever seen a customer contract? The obvious answer is NO!

    The customer contract has tiers set up in it that the customer gets X% discount based on weekly volume levels.
    ​That's your contract in essence right there.
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    Im going to let my wife vote for me. She is real good at saying ...NO!!!!
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    How do you know that ?? Your willing to call there bluff in the great economy that we have these days ?

    What numbers are you looking on the contract in order for you to vote yes ?
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    So you are saying Source One, Golf Warehouse, Printing Inc. do not have contracts? So every other year, FOR THAT ENTIRE YEAR, when these companies switch shipping you are saying its not because of a contract?
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    Ignorance is not a pretty thing. I don't even understand the gibberish you posted.

    The contract is a tool to try and incent the customer (shipper) to ship as much volume via a carrier as possible.
    The contract never includes as exclusivity clause locking in the shipper to only using one carrier (such as UPS).
    The primary focus of the contract is pricing and the intrinsic value of streamlining processes.
    A contract will have several tiers based on volume levels and shipping characteristics (origin - destination pairs).
    The carrier will bill on a weekly basis once the manifests for the customer are run through the contract model and based on contract compliance and volume levels, the customer is priced at a discounted rate as outlined in the terms and conditions of the contract.
    If the customer diverts volume to another carrier, their discounted rate is reduced on that weeks bill to the carrier.

    The contract that a customer "awards" to a carrier is the end result of the customer's playing the carriers off one another leaking details of what one carrier offers to the other carriers to try and get a deeper discount rate.
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    Yes I'm prepared to call their bluff . Its not a number here. I think the OP is going on with the NEW CAR HAGGLE here. You know what, It works. The second offer will come so quick, there wont be time for any diversion of volume as Hoaxster says.
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    This contract will pass.
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    Yup it will and it should. hall got many gray hairs on this one. He did what he had to do. He took one for the team and brought us all out of this like he always does. What he did in this bad economy plus Sean O'Brian will net him the next president of th Ibt. Congrats Ken you pushed us through once again. Thanks BROTHER

    Fraternally your

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    What bad economy?!?! Every large company in my neck of the woods is hiring and growing. The stock market has reached multiple record highs.