Am I getting paid right?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Logb17, Jun 10, 2013.

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    So I went from working pt to ft driving a year and half ago. They red circled me at utility rate of 23.40 since I drove utility and did saturday air. My question is my Saturday air rate was 24.30. Shouldn't I be receiving the higher rate. I had problems trying to find this in the contract. Also from how it sounds I should be getting raises with the Utility rate. In the contract it says a utility driver going full time receives utility rate. Nothing about being red circled there. Utility has gone up 1..50 or so since I started. Another utility driver that started under me is making 25.xx and im stuck at 23.40, seems odd..
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    Yes, you're getting paid right. Article 40 air wage is separate from any ground wages...utility included. So far as raises go with while you're in progression, you're stuck in progression. Take solace that you're 18 months closer to top scale than the guy below you. He's going to be making utility wage longer than you did. Check on that though with your local for sure, but this has been the practice in my building. Good luck!