Am I stuck on the dock forever?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by UPS_RH, May 7, 2014.

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    I accepted a position as a "dockworker". I had a military CDL, I am getting the civilian version on my own time. I was under the impression that once I put my time in on the dock I could get a driver position. The HR lady that did our orientation said that to get promoted off the dock you have to have at least 3 yrs driving experience and 10 yrs for some positions???

    This is in contrast to everything I have heard thus far? What are you guys seeing?
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    Not true, we have several drivers right out of school. If you get your CDL you will have a better chance than someone off the street.
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    Thanks, I asked our OPS SUP last night and he said get the CDL and I will go right into the pool and get my experience with a city driver.

    Our HR lady was new and told us a lot of false info.
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    The way it works here is you serve your time on dock, get seniority , two year clean record then sign the bid sheets. The person with seniority wins. I drove pkg car 21 years before I had seniority to go into feeders.

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    This is the Freight forum.
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    My bad .. So sorry

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    Freight or not, in the Chicago area, if you want a driving job right now then it's all on you for not filling out an application.