Am I the only one?

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    That has a really nice FT and PT sups? I see you guys all the time talking chit about them. I don't really care about them, I go to work and gtfo asap but my FT and PT sups are actually nice to us loaders lol
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    I have to say my on cars,center manager and even our division manager had are actually genuinely decent people. Which in turn makes them decent sups. I think a douche at work is also a douche at home. Can't complain here. Definitely seen the other end of the spectrum.
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    I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to do a job. I couldn't care less if management never speaks to me again as they contribute absolutely nothing to my job that a computer running Windows95 couldn't do.
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    Windows 95 computers can't provide Donuts, at least not the computers I'm familiar with
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    I actually like our driver sup, and our center manager is a friend of mine that I socialize with outside of work. We have a better working relationship than a lot of posters here seem to have with their managers.

    I don't get harassed and they listen to my opinion. That being said, I know they are small cogs in the UPS machine and if I do something to get myself in the crosshairs of someone above them they will probably let me hang.
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    But they print one hell of a pay check.
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    To each their own JB, if that works for you thats cool. I on the other hand know I spend most of my awake hours at work and don't like the feeling of being at odds with someone all the time. I like to have somewhat of a professional relationship with my supervisor. We are not freinds per say, but we are decent and professional to each other.

    UPS has changed so I think the way management is allowed to manage is different as well, they have to talk the talk even if they really don't agree with it as part of their job discription more than ever before. I have seem plenty of managment that I very much respected and looked up to in my time, however interestly enough - they have all left UPS. Kind of a disturbling statistic, but not surprising.
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    I think it's gotten to the point that even most of our sups even realize the expectations are unrealistic and they are just passing down what's ordered of them
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    Fair enough. I just see it as I'm only being supervised from start time to pull off time equating to 15 mins or so. I don't usually see my on road as I get back, at the earliest, 9.5. I don't come in early and stand around talking to management before start time. So the interaction between myself and management is minimal, just the way I like it.


    I agree with you, but at some point dont you guys think that something needs to change? Lets be real about one thing. We are taught to be safe safe safe safe safe,,,but come on I mean the way they are working us where is safety even entering the equation? The problem is when there is an accident, UPS never looks at how that person has been worked in such a period. Mind you Im really not talking about auto accidents but if you wanted to throw them in the same discussion Im sure you could. Im mostly talking about injuries. I dont mind working hard I mean thats what this job is about, but wow some of the things they are having us do right now is getting to the point its just not humanly possible. OH I guess I just answered myself---We are to be PERFECT robots!
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    My current center manager and the on car sups in my center are all genuinely decent people and I get along well with them.

    That could all change tomorrow. I could show up tomorrow and find that every one of them has been transferred. Or promoted. Or fired.

    There are only 4 management people in my building who have been with the company longer than I have, and none of them have been assigned to my building as long as I have. I tend to regard management people as transitory figures who come and go like the tides; they are quite literally here one day and gone the next, whereas I have been a constant at this location for over 25 years. The furniture in the center manager's office stays the same, only the name tag on the door changes.
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    I have some pretty decent sups although one of them can be a PITA sometimes but W/E nothing can be done about it.
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    Take off your rose colored glasses and you might see things differently.