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    A few months ago i posted about harassment, its still on going and got worse.

    My question is this, Ive gone to Management and to the Union two times each to try and have this problem put to rest.

    Im taking flack from fellow union brothers that I, "ratted" another union brother out.

    Im just trying to have a problem resolved, am i totally wrong for talking to Management?

    ill will try and find the original post, from a few months back.
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    This is my original post,

    Originally Posted by dirty moose
    Can i ask a question here, for the drivers.

    A few months ago an old timer, 20 years or so decided to threaten me and push me around a little bit because he didn't like the way i covered his route and because i said something about him to the wrong person. We were going to lunch at burger king but it was only the 2 of us, no other drivers had gotten there yet. He approached me as i was walking to the burger king and got right in my face and started to threaten me, telling me i better not show up to lunch or he was going to kick my ass he kept on going and then laid his hands on me. I asked him not to touch me and he did it 2 other times.

    Now hes in his 40's and im 24 i tried to ignore him and just go in and eat my lunch.
    When i sit down he gets in my face again and then takes his can of half full soda and dumps it onto my lunch. At this point im shaking with anger but yet again i just left and call my on car sup.

    My on car sup goes and asks him what happened and he admits getting in my face and "blocking" me from walking. My sups ask me what i wanted to do and i said let it be for a day and well see what happens.

    The next 3 or 4 times i went to lunch with him and the rest of the drivers in the area he sated yelling at me again in public in front of all the drivers. After a while i just stopped showing up to lunch when he is around but i never went ahead with asking for any kind of discipline.

    I feel like a punk even tho i know i did the right thing. What should i have done? And what should be done to him? How could this guy want to risk his job by fighting me in public on the clock in uniform? Every time i think about it i get extremely angry, even writing this post im shaking with anger. Is there something i should do even up to this date?

    I don't want to see someone get canned over NOTHING but i don't wanna feel like im heading into work for a fight.
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    Based on your original posting you should not have to put up with this and should pursue it further if it continues. You do not have to be buddies with everyone you work with but this appears to be another matter. have you contacted HR? This needs to be resolved because if it evolves into an actual fight you`ll both lose your jobs.
  4. Well me personally (stupid thing to do I know, and wrong) probably would have knocked him out the first time he didn't get the hint. The lunch incident would have cemented that course of action from me. Meet him outside of work, grant him his wish and knock him right into workers comp. He clearly wants you to. If someone did this to me it wouldn't even be in question. He clearly doesn't want to talk about it or resolve it any other way. Just try not to feel bad about knocking down an old man (well compared to you).

    OK OK obviously you can't (unfortunately) do this to him, but if your "brothers" want to defend this sack of rubber dog excrement then they obviously condone being a moron so going to management or HR is really all you can do..other than what i suggested above.

    PS...what did you say about him? I mean you'd have to say something really bad about me to get me to react like this guy is.
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    It would be difficult not to kick this MF er's ass but I believe you are doing the right thing to try your best to avoid him at all cost...

    Make sure you get some witnesses that are going to take your side if things get out of hand..Remember also, you can get fired for fighting on job even if he starts it..

    This fella needs an ass-chewing by mgtment or union, that being of course from your side of the story...How does his side of story go?
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    Here is the problem i face, no matter how his story goes, he has 24 years, i have 5! so no matter what, guys are gonna take his side just based on that.

    I would imagine his story to the union goes something like this; dirty moose is a young punk ass kid who runs routes off and is buddy buddy with management, he talked behind my back and i have 24 years, i WIN.

    I think that how his story will go.
  7. stevetheupsguy

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    I don't care how much older or how much more seniority this person has. It doesn't matter what you said or how you have covered his route. It doesn't matter if you are a young punk, with snot hanging out of your nose. This BS stops right here and right now.

    There is NO WAY you have to put up with this type of behavior. This guy is behaving like a terrorist and you're letting him get away with it all.

    First, grab your steward and go into the center manager's office. Explain the situation and how it cannot go any further. If you were a schmuck, let it be known, as all the details should be out in the open. Tell your center manager and steward that you will not take this bull anymore and that it needs to stop now.

    There's nothing worse in life than having to deal with the class bully everyday. Stand up for yourself now or you'll let it stew in your mind and end up doing something stupid later on.
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    Thanks for the advice guys, i really appreciate everything you guys do on this forum.

    Something else that was bought to my attention was the fact that the union might not stand up for me in the future. If i was to ever get into some of trouble where i would need the union and/or my BA that i would pretty much be on my own. Anyone have any input on this?
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    If its the bully or someone else saying that, don't listen. Time heals all wounds, be it mangement or hourly. You know how short the memory span of management is? It's the same with everyone. What have you done for me today? is all that matters.
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    Steve is right on about the class bully and you. But, what exactly did you do to piss the jerk off? (chuckle, chuckle!) It can't be simply burning off his route, that happens all the time. Did you say stuff to his customers? Fellow drivers?
    What is the attitude of the other drivers towards this situation? Are you in a big hub or a small center?

    You got five years in, you are not a rookie anymore. Take care of this situation one way or the other.
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    should have to the center manager and union to take acton if he gets fired he brought it on him self.he should think first about doing this to another driver.he hits you have him arrested.don't let him push you around.drivers don't yell at other drivers(.i have felt like yelling at my preloader but never did)
  12. over9five

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    Keep smiling at the idiot. Let him push you one more time. Fall to the ground. (DO NOT PUSH BACK!!!) Make sure you get taken away by ambulance.
    UPS has a zero tolerance policy for workplace violence. The idiot will be fired.
    Story over.
  13. sortaisle

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    It seems like everyone other than management is taking the old guys side in this, especially the steward. Whatever you did Moose, it sounds like you may have deserved to be yelled at once, but not public humiliation. Whatever you said about the guy, it obviously :censored2: him off. I don't think the whole story is being told here. There's no reason why the union would go so far as to tell him he's on his own for something as lame as name calling and calling an on car sup about the altercation. And since the management is aware of this situation, how come no disciplining has happened or they didn't have moose moved to a different center to get rid of the altercation? I'd need more info before I gave any input, it just seems too fishy. I don't agree with the public humiliation however, so you got that one from me.
  14. dilligaf

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    I had a situation last year with a morre senior driver harrassing me because he had to help me. He had repeatedly been offensive and I had repeatedly reported it. To mgt and to the 800#. This driver was also well liked. The last straw was when he yelled and screamed at me in front of a nite sup. and a customer. The sup was a new sup and did nothing. I knew this was going to be swept under the carpet again so I went outside the system to resolve the issue and it worked like a charm.

    I went to the local court and filed a restraining order against workplace violence. The driver was :censored2: and the company was :censored2: but it got results. I filed it 'ex parte' which gave the driver the opportunity to go back to court and argue it. And he did. But I had enough evidence to support my claim and the judge sided with me. It was in place for 1 year and it was on his record. Not once after that did he say one word to me. All I had to do was pick up the phone and have him arrested for violating the restraining order. And to this day he won't say a word to me because he knows that it will cost him dearly and possibly even his job. The restraining order is no longer in effect but the point is he knows that I will do what ever necessary to protect myself.

    I would, if I were you, go to mgt and tell them that if they do not do something about the situation you will go outside the company. And be prepared to do it. I know you might be concerned about more problems from mgt but they would be stupid to do or say anything against you. All you would have to do is file a complaint with the 800# about their tactics and their heads would be rolling down the aisle and out the door. This a very effective way of handling the situation but you have to be prepared to follow through. You have to have all documention in place. I's dotted and T's crossed. Many state have very strong laws about workplace violence and harrassment. Check with your local court.
  15. dirty moose

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    no one officially told me i would be on my own, just something a few guys dropped in my ear.
  16. mattwtrs

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    Moose, I have to congratulate you for keeping your cool in this situation.

    I do like over9five's idea if you have the balls or need to pull it off.
  17. tieguy

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    cach's advice is sound. If you don't address it now he could provoke you and then you could end up losing your job. Or it escalates into either the criminal courtroom or civil court. You need to go on record. You will catch some grief from people that are sympathetic to the guy. At the same time this can't be the first time this guy has ever acted this way. I'm sure you have other people you work with that have seen this side of him. If you talk to some other people that you think will be sympathetic you may find out the guy has a history.

    In either case you have done a terrific job of turning the other cheek. I would have clocked him when he poured the soda on my lunch.

    You can file a grievance on the workplace violence issue. call the 1-800 number whatever you think works best but you need to go on record that the guy is a problem.

    Over9's solution and the restraining order are interesting options too.
  18. dillweed

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    Lots of good advice here. Documentation and willing witnesses are key.

    I once had a pt sup who thought it was fun to get in my face with raised fist and act as though he was going to punch me. He got the reaction he wanted as he was in my "space" and I was very uncomfortable.

    Told center manager, no remedy. Filed grievance, no remedy. Slunk around in fear of this clown until, one day, he made the mistake of doing it in front of a willing witness. At that point I did call the 800 number, all hell broke loose and very soon after he "retired".

    It took time and patience but those ducks were lined up just right to get his bully butt where it deserved to be.

    Document, take the proper steps to remedy and talk to some trusted co-workers. Best of luck, keep your cool and remember you are stronger than this bozo.
  19. JimJimmyJames

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    I would ask management not to have to cover this guy's route anymore. If they won't oblige, I would burn his route to the ground everytime I covered it. But, at the same time, do the job safely and correctly while taking a full lunch. Then nobody can rightfully say anything negative about your work.

    I can't stand co-workers who worry about how I do the job.
  20. Covemastah

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    like tie says this guy could of been a butt hole for years !! just because you have 20 yrs don't make you right!!!! this ain't Alcatraz and he don't run the yard!!!!