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  1. UPSmeoff

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    Other than different time zones WTF....
    Most users ever online was 114, 01-30-2006 at 09:15 PM.
    UPSmeoff, upsace, another#

    It is early, why do yall get up before the sun is up?
    I have a good reason.............I havent been to bed yet.
    I need some sleep.
  2. UPSmeoff

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    I had a safety ride with my superviser on friday. He is a pretty good friend of
    mine so it was not very painful. I was able to get off at 11:30am.
    How cool is that. There is nothing better than going to work and finding out that you can go home once your there.
    Driving away is like bliss.
    Even though i need some more money, i cant turn down a day off.
    I just look at it as one less day that im not going to get injured.
    One more day that i have to spend with my mutt....and my best gal.
    My best gal is pretty cool though. Even though i met her on my route.
    I try to make it a point not to date girls on my route, but sometimes its unavoidable.
    Problem is, though is that when you break up with her you still have to see her everyday. I have been trying to break this habit, but damn!, its hard not flirting withe some girls.

    It is not a good scene.
    I know ive gotten off subject but thats the truth......
    NEVER date a girl on your route..
    They turn out to be psycho, retarded immature people,

    This is a pro tip.

    nobody wants a girl crying into her salad at lunch because mr. Brown could not give her what she wants.
  3. UPSmeoff

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    If one more frigging tourist asks me if im going to race the truck im goingt to kill myself.
    I especially like the joke about UPS and FED EX merging.
    They are going to call it Fed UPS...............Ha Ha Ha.
    I do my best to act like i have never heard that joke before, but sometimes i think the person knows that im am being sarcastic when i tell them to shut the F up.
    I have actually had people pose with the UPS truck before.....Sad.
    I love making people think that i dont know who Dale Jarrett is..........

    i mean..........

    there is a license plate sticker on the front of my car that has a pic of Dale circling to the left....I act like ive never heard of him.
    Strange looks is what i get..
  4. over9five

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    I wore my Dale Jarrett 88 hat Friday.
    They won't let us wear them here, but sometimes.....ya gotta be a rebel!
  5. Fredly000

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    No No, I think my current favorite is:

    "Are you UPS"
    No I'm wearing a uniform with a secret code on it that means FedEx.

    "can you take this"
    of course I always answer: "of course if its labelled and ready to go"

    or someone walks up.
    "do you have anything for me" (at 11am)
    I answer, who is "me" then either they want a resi package(sorry can't help)
    or they live 50miles away, and I'm not even their driver..
  6. jido

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    maybe the german guys?

  7. speeddemon

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    9five, I keep mine in the truck too! My customers think it looks much better with the uniform.
  8. 30andout

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    Don't you just love it when you walk into a business with a pkg in one hand and your diad in the other and the recepitionest ask "May I help you?" No I just carry this stuff with me all the time.:lol: