Amazon now delaying prime orders for a month

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    If you have any other streaming device there is no need for Prime
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    Math says that the more money America keeps throwing at Amazon the more businesses will suffer. They will eventually cut us off and and continue to grow leaving us with the scraps. There simply won’t be enough work available to make up the difference. Plus, FedEx Ground undercuts us at every opportunity.

    If you don’t care about the growth and stability (pension) of the company you work for then it’s all irrelevant. The young guys that haven’t been here long should though. But I totally get why some people don’t care because UPS doesn’t seem to care either. That’s just not how I roll.
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    We use YouTubeTV, Netflix, and APKs. I’m an avid European soccer fan so I keep YouTubeTV for that. I keep Netflix because we use iPads to watch shows and movies when we travel. APKs are possible on them but I’d rather not use an Android emulator. Amazon tablets are junk.
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    You can sit on your ideological perch and act like it matters but the fact is it doesn’t. We all do the same things in different aspects. I don’t shop at wal mart. I don’t use self checkout. I voted Gary Johnson for president.

    What do these things do? At most help me sleep a little better at night. In the grand scheme though I understand they’re totally irrelevant.
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    There is no ideological perch. I’m just a concerned driver using data readily available online to form an opinion. Your math, although correct, also shows what Amazon has become and reveals their affect on UPS and its ability to grow and provide jobs. If you think it doesn’t matter than maybe you should take a gander at all the businesses that have been affected by Amazon. As well as the fact that they make up about 50% of e-commerce and growing. At the rate they’re growing they’ll force more stores/companies that’s been around for decades to make severe cuts or close. That affects us. We can’t grow (or be stable for that matter) when a giant company is grabbing so much market share from our shippers AND planing to deliver most of it themselves.

    It’s dangerous to allow Amazon to get so big. And the more people use them (not just UPSers) the more they’ll grow and we’ll all end up with less to choose from. That’s not good for the country or us. Especially when our competition is more than willing to do the same job for peanuts. We are losing lots of accounts as FedEx uses that advantage to gobble up what will essentially be the scraps left over from Amazon. I think the govt will put the breaks on Amazon in the future. But it will be too late.

    I’d rather use Walmart and other brick and mortar stores before Amazon any day. At least those can potentially be swayed back to use us as their primary shipper. If they aren’t already. Continuing to throw money at Amazon is basically cutting our own throats. If someone is willing to avoid shopping at anti union stores (or for any other reason) they should be more than willing to avoid giving the biggest threat to our pensions (and potentially our jobs) their business.

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    Well at least there is still TP. Its probably like using newspaper but its available :-)
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    You sure about that? I just checked on amazon, rifle optics say delivered by march 28.
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    Have you tried OpticsPlanet? They always send two coupons. One for $15 off and one for $25. There are minimum spent requirements that are more than reasonable. When I’ve exhausted them I’ll use a coupon code from one of the many YouTubers (“MAC5“ from The Military Arms Channel for example) to order something and will get two more coupons with that order. So far (been at it for a few years) I’ve been able to beat Amazon’s price. Plus, Amazon doesn’t have everything.