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    So why does it only cost me 7 pounds to ship books weighing 3kg in total from england to Budapest, hungary....?

    and on the ups site, a 2 lbs package from hungary to england would cost me 100+ pounds...

    why? because i want to sell some stuff on ebay, but the postage fee is more than my net worth.

    thanks in advance for your help
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  2. jeffpatterson

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    If your buying from it could very well have to due with a Shipping Discount Amazon has. It may actually cost Amazon more to ship it than they are charging you.
  3. klein

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    I don't think anyone on here is from Hungary, and can answer your question.
    But, you have other options, your post office, or get a quote here
  4. brett636

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    Amazon probably gets bulk shipping discounts. We have two Amazon warehouses in my area and they ship thousands of pieces with us a day. It costs UPS less per package to ship allowing them to give Amazon such a huge discount.
  5. klein

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    If he buys from Amazon, and UPS is too expensive, then try buying it from (german amazon warehouse), they have a contract with DHL, could be cheaper, and also payable in Euros, not pounds (no exchange rate fee needed ).
  6. brett636

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    *sigh* why do I always find myself trying to explain the obvious to you? It isn't the amazon website that is too expensive, the OP wants to ship a package for the same price that Amazon pays to ship which would only be possible if they were shipping packages by the thousands like Amazon does.