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    Apparently we are really coming out of the woodwork here in Tyler, TX.

    A little bit about myself. Started out as an International clerk in Dallas. Was promoted to p/t management after roughly 3 months, supervising the ODC/FDC operation in Dallas.

    Transferred to Tyler, TX after 1.5 years in Dallas so I could finish my degree at UTTyler. Working as a p/t sup on the Tyler Local Sort.

    I may be a newbie to UPS (just reached 3 years in July), but I have learned much and am still learning. Hopefully BC will give me a better perspective from the employees view, since management tends to have a warped view of the world. I might even be able to recover some of my soul that I sold when I went into management...
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    Welcome to the Cafe. All are welcome, come into the light.:wink2:
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    :happy-very::funny:I am a general rater at ups custom brokerage.
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    Which means you get to deal with the headaches of fixing my errors, right?

    To be honest, I only know how International shipments are handled in the center/hub. I have no idea how or what customs brokers do. That info is conveniently left out of the International training modules.