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    I'm not sure I can be referred to as a UPSer, as I'm actually employed by a different company. But our customers call 1-800-Pick-UPS and get me so kinda sorta maybe? Well the screen name is set so no sense questioning it now!

    Hello all, I'm D and I work at the Tampa, FL call center as a mid level supervisor in the first skill new hires learn (tracking of course!) Been tracking packages for 3 years starting as a tracking rep, then to universal (scheduling pick ups and filing damages on top of tracking) then to international (country regulations and customs and brokerage on top of universal) then to CRG (the butt kissing department, handling preferred shippers who ship internationally, on top of all else) then stepping into management in that department for a bit before I decided to get out of the mayhem and go manage the newbies.

    Wow that's drol. I used to think it was pretty rough until reading through this site for a bit. Keep in mind, MOST customers call after they claim to have seen a driver drop-kick their package onto their publicly accessible, uncovered front porch in the rain, where a dog got to it and the dog somehow RTSd it....so it's fun getting the drivers point of view here.

    Y'all do a tough job, looking forward to joining in on the convos.
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    Welcome to BC D.

    You should have many questions coming your way as we have not have many CSC personnel on here.

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    As hoax already said, welcome D. It is certainly very good to get others perspective, yours especially will be welcome. It has occurred to this driver numerous times over my many years that we (Drivers, CSTC reps) are not given the same instructions, directives. No criticism intended, merely an observation.
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    I always though the call centers were located in a remote village in India- manned by people who are really hard to understand.
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    Thank you Hoaxster, brownedout, rod :)

    Yes, I've realized that not all information is passed on properly due to a few things; lazy employees (both in the call center and the hubs) swamped employees, and pure time availability as some requests are made mere minutes before the delivery. UPS and it's competitors are capable of a great many things, but real time and logistic possibilities and the human factor will always have its gaps. It's unavoidable. I just wish most customers understood that and could take a deep breath!

    Rod, there are those too. THATs where they transfer the OMs they're not too fond of, lol.