Another one for the hall of Shame

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    Well when you expect couriers to give you unreasonable productivity numbers everyday without regard to reality, this is what you get. Surprised that it seems to be Express and not Ground.

    FedEx Guy Throwing My Computer Monitor - YouTube
  2. MrFedEx

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    LOL!!! That is the Purple Promise in action! See what you get when you treat people like crap....employees that don't give a sheet. Priceless.:winnersmiley:
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    I bet if they were paid $50 an hour that could still happen, it's not all about $$$. 1/15,000,000 packages, stuff like this will always happen. It's human nature, nothing more. I think shippers/receivers need to understand this is the world we live in and created. If you want ponies and rainbows, how about dropping your fence and let the world in? Amazingly packaging can still cover that more times then not. Sure it will never look good on video. It is what it is. Not saying it's right, but it's reality, no reason to deny it.
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    No, it happens because they push employees beyond the bounds of what is reasonable. Sure, it's possible that this courier simply didn't care, but it's a lot more likely that he had way too much to do in the time provided. This happens a lot, especially where there are security fences and locked gates. Most couriers don't have the time to wait and gain access, which can take several minutes while you call or have dispatch call...if you can get an answer.

    As a non-employee, you have no idea how aggravating it is to get to a residential, only to find that access is restricted. That means time lost, which will be held against you by management in terms of SPH expectations. You see, someone in a Memphis cubicle only "knows" that it should take 30 seconds to walk from the truck and back to make a delivery. They don't have a clue that you can easily stand there for 5 minutes that you don't have so Joe Customer can get their package.

    If I were this courier, I would have tagged the gate and left. Now, he's in hot water for being stupid and getting caught.
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    I do that exact thing but not with breakable items. Dude should have tagged the gate like mentioned above. Or if in a real hurry, screw the tag. lol Or if in a REAL hurry just drive by. lmao
  7. Cactus

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    Customers also need to accept some responsibility on their part. After all they ordered that computer monitor. They should know how to track a package and make some kind of reasonable accomdations so the delivery isn't difficult or out of the question. Some times I wonder what these people are thinking like the ones who are notorious for DSR packages and they're the same ones who are never home to sign.

    Granted what the courier did here was flat out wrong, but all the BS that goes with delivering a simple package has gotten way out of hand.
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    It is possible that that box was empty or contained something that weighed very little. That's the only way I could see tossing that box over the fence. It almost seems set up by the video recorder so they could get this clip.
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    as i stated in the other thread, the customer was home; all the courier had to do was ring the gate bell...

    I treat the packages in my van as if it were my own, especially this peak season. WTF was that courier thinking? so what if he's pushed with high SPH, he's an HOURLY employee. If he was over-dispatched by the management, it's on them, not on the courier if he followed his methods that was learned in training.

    I'm guessing that's one of the reasons why FedEx lost the Amazon account; most of the flatscreen TVs were driver-releases when I had them in my enterprise rental cargo van... but I mostly got signatures from the customers instead of just DR 'em
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    I've seen a lot of screwed-up Amazon flatscreens, and part of that is on Amazon because they just ship the box as it came from the factory. That's fine if it's bulk-loaded into a trailer with 1,000 more of them, but an outer box would be a lot smarter. I've also seen handlers toss them like they were pillows....not very smart.
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    One of my friends wife mentioned the video to me toinight and asked me "isn't that why the recipients phone number is on the package"! I told her next time she orders from amazon to show me where they put the phone number of the shipper or recipient on her package. Amazon is also terrible for not putting apartment numbers or suite numbers on their adress labels, but not as bad as the fedex supply warhouses! Courier was dumb, but amazon (if they were the shipper, and chances are they were) could help out a little bit.
  12. Mr. 7

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    We all got a good laugh at that vid. this morning in the break room once it aired on Good Morning America.
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    amazon has customer phone numbers buried in the jumble of numbers at the bottom of the label(easy to discern)
    anyway what you didn't see was the customer on the other side catching the box.(justkidding)
    I haven't done that, but I have lowered boxes over fences that kind is easy has a handle, and you just lower it through the
    rungs... lets hope this courier gets his come uppance.. a week off during peak would be good.. that extra $$ hurts when it's missing.
  14. Mr. 7

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    I have and, would have, done that. I'm betting this dude got walked off the property today.
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    Seems to me, people (with locked gates and security cameras) should purchase their computer monitors at some local store. Why order it and provide no secure reasonable area for delivery. This situation has just happened to me last week. I returned an incorrect order to the shipper (in exchange for what I really ordered). I went to work- locked my security gate- as I returned home from work, I noticed that the courier had tossed/ dropped it over the gate. My first and only thought was that I left the courier no other option. MY FAULT. I am just glad to have the package.



    I can't believe that I didn't see that camera....


    JUST KIDDING!!!! What Ghost said is exactly what I told my wife as I was drying my eyes from crying due to laughing so

    And most people that can afford to have a security gate and a system will order online because they generally don't have to pay taxes and shipping, therefore saving more than the gas it would take to go and buy it.
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    At least he locked his door and put his blinkers on.
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    I used to work in a very very rich community. Once you have been on the route for a while you get to know your customers, get to know their gate codes, where to leave it, where they work if nearby, any trick to get the package safely in the hands of the customer. Deliver it today and you won't have it tomorrow. I kept customers cell phone numbers in my cell phone and they all had my number for emergencies. I know it seems like going to the extreme for customer service but it made me feel good to make their day a little easier.
    As increased demands for productivity ramped up and FedEx adopted the "just one more sph" attitude this became increasingly harder for all couriers to really take care of the customer. Our hands were tied. So many people in my station speed or work through unpaid breaks everyday to make it through the day and not get stuck out there in the dark after transloading. Some people actually do have lives and a family outside of FedEx.
    I saw a courier last week driving around all day with his wrist wrapped tight in Saturday Stickers as a make shift wrist brace. He said he was working injured and was afraid to report the overuse injury to management because they already warned everyone the budget was tight for December. When will all this madness end, did Memphis executives get a good bonus this year.
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