Any drivers from nevada area?

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    just curious if anyone is from reno/sparks or lasvegas areas. There seem to be many large companies with distrubution centers in these two areas. Wondering what the waiting list time for drivers are.
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    I'm not in Nevada but there has been past discussion about this. Lookup a poster going by outamyway. He/she has made a few posts that make me think they drive for some reason. Just in general, it sounds like the "booming" cities of the West--Denver, Las Vegas, etc--are hiring drivers like crazy. I think the current wait at Denver is less than a year for package. A few months ago, I tried talking to a feeder driver. Guy wasn't particularly friendly but I did get out of him that he'd been with the Company for about five years, was part-time for about a year and a half, drove package car for about a year and a half and had been in feeder for about two. My point: I wouldn't be concerned with going driving in the Rocky Mountain West. -Rocky
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