any drivers near the world trade during 9/11 / where were u when it happened?

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    i was at home getting up for work when i saw on the news that a plane had hit the first tower. at first i thought it was a terrible accident but then i watched in horror as a plane hit the second tower. i knew automatically that it was terrorism and i was assuming muslim fanatics because i had been keeping up w the nasty situation in the middle east. i went to work that day and it was all anyone was talking about and we had it on the tv at my day job. the days following 9/11 were eerie w 3 or 4 scrolling lines of info on the bottom of every channel. r.i.p to all those that died on that day and the near million that have died since.
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    Somebody told me we had four package cars parked in the basement of the WTC, all our drivers got out.
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    Very nice artical. I hadn't heard about the 4 trucks before. Its hard to believe that none of our employees were killed when the buildings fell. I know when I was in NYC there seemed to be 2 or 3 UPS vehicals on every block at that time of day. I hope I'm wrong but I shutter to think what would happen in todays UPS if we had another major terrorist attack like that --with management not being able to make a decision on their own without permission from the ivory tower.
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    Today is a day of respect and rememberence.

    There are a lot of Americans that gave a lot that day and some that have paid the ultimate price since that day. Some how, find it deep within yourself to pay your respect and leave everything else for another day.

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    Remembrance= honor, and honor= value.
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    I had a rte at the time near an Air Force base,it was scary hearing those fighters taking off all the time.Kept thinking we were getting wacked again somewhere!!!
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    I wasn't working for UPS in 2001, but I do know a few guys who work with me now that were transferred into my building after 9-11 because of the volume slow down.
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    Actually I am neither.
    How many Patriot Guard missions have you attended for a KIA?
    How many PGR missions have you attended for WWII, Korean war and/or Vietnam vets to honor the Vet and ease the pain for the families?
    How many funerals have you attended to shield the grieving family from the fine folks from Kansas?
    As in another thread where I made a comparable comment directed at the company, many of you Pulitzer Prize winners completely missed my point. I said I was sorry for confusing many of you last time but not this time.
    I'll try it again, for those who think I don't respect and honor the troops, their families and all involved in Sept may want to reconsider.
    I'll see you all at the next PGR event where honor, diginity, respect and, sometimes, protection is needed.
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    I'm not in NY and wasn't with UPS then.

    I was In Construction as a Brick Layer and was with a crew finishing off the last few courses of brick on a Bob Evans. We were at the top of the scaffold and heard the news on our radio as it was happening. We all immediatly were looking up in the sky watching a plane flying to the East and wondered, is that the 3rd plane? We saw it not long after going west, P.A. is to our west. I still wonder to this day if that was the plane that crashed in P.A. We were a bunch of Patriotic Brick Layers and in Rage hearing these things. My wife was a little over 7 months pregnant with my Daughter.
    I miss bricklaying. It was hard work but we all were appreciated by our boss for the hard work we did. Felt more rewarding. I can still drive by the places I built and remember exactly what I was doing and thinking at the time. Those structures will be there long after I'm gone. Different world I'm in now. No offense fellow drivers.

    Where were u when the world stopped turning that Sept. day????
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    Wow, I posted before reading threw this thread and can't believe it dived so badly so fast.

    Can we just cut the feuding from this thread and stick to it's intentions.

    I'm on Vaca so I guess it's easier 4 me to be laxed on this but serriously.

    Where were u when the world stopped turning that Sept. morning????

    A different career perhaps? Just beginning a family like myself @ that time?

    Maybe u was a driver or preloading? What and who was u then and what kind of reactions did u c in your hub??

    I worried about the future and what my soon to b Family might have to deal with and how far might this possible war might bring before my Daughter was even born. It woke me up and was one of many reasons why I quite drinken. I wanted to b sober and sharp to b there for my family and protect them if needed. So many things crossed my mind. What crossed yours???
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    Greetings fellow Patriot Gaurd member. I've been with them for going on 3 years now and considering we have a State Veterans cemetery and an Army training camp close by I have attended many many veterans funerals and troop send offs and returns. --------------------- To Dragon and a few others. I won't appoligize for the remark I made about wondering how that awful day played out back then as compared to what would happen now as far as UPS management is concerned. Back then it sounds like the center manager's and others just took charge and made the decissions they had to. I don't think that would happen today----there would be a mad rush to call higher ups to see what they wanted them to do.
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    I deleted many posts in this thread. The thread asked 'where you were on 9/11" It did not ask for your opinions on UPS, dispatch, management, or Ivory tower. I took the liberty to delete these unsensitive, IMO posts. Some were respondents, but to put your replies in I had to leave the vile.
    this was a day unlike any other. And if you were not directly affected, it may not have bothered you so much. If you were, God Bless you or whatever you believe in, I hope you can heal.
    For the rest, there are hundreds of threads you can post your dislike, distate, or indifference to UPS, Management or the world. I as an individual, was suprised, and dismayed, and irritated that you would bring personal dislikes of UPS, the management, or the policies into a thread that was specific, to most likely one of the worst days in US history.
    it was not about you, it was about where you were. It was not about making jokes about how UPS handled it. As much as we all complain and I am there, It looks like UPS did the right thing, and our drivers got out. AMEN for that.
    I did not notify anyone of edits I made, If you do not like it, You may complain. I am one small cog in a great big wheel.
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    I clearly remember our center manager at the time turning on the tv and every driver and part timer along with supervisors watching the events unfold before our eyes. It was very sad and scary. Living in So Cal, the military has a high presence here and so we knew it was only a matter of time when it would be called into action.
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    Way to step up and take responsibility............tried to rep you, but I have to spread it around first.
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    I was working at Southwicks Beach. You can see the nuke plant in Oswego across the lake. I was the only employee at the park, as we were winding down for the season. The maintenance crew had gone to Wescott's Beach for a meeting. I could see that nuke plant as I listened to Warner Wolfe describing the second plane hit the towers. Have lived in this area all my life, I knew that nuke plant was a potential target. It would vaporize anything in a 200 mile radius. I have never been more terrified in my life. All those people massacred. For what?