Any end to these long hours??

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by kidlogic, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. pretender

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    Many good points--But upsdude, you hit upon one of my all time pet peeves: Why can't they get us out on time on MONDAY!!!
  2. upsdude

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    "Left Building" time this morning (Tuesday) 9:21. SEVERAL drivers still out at 8:00PM, all F/T sups had left for the day.
  3. wigman

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    You guys need to pick up the pace a bit. I had 210 stops today. About 50 apts., 50 buiseses the rest houses. Left the building about 9am and got back at about 520. I skipped lunch however. That kinda sucked.
    I am just busin chops when I said pick up the pace. I am sure you work hard.
  4. local804

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    Wow Wigman,
    You did the total stops I do in two days. I have a full commercial 20 residental route with 30 pickups, 110 stop max.The only difference is that I took lunch, worked like a human being, had a brisk walk(is what UPS wants) and did not run, placed all the packages out of sight and I drove the speed limit.If you did that may stops in that short of time, with pickups, you will probably average 23 stops an hour.Its a good thing UPS has people like you to keep the stock going higher and higher
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    dont' know how you did it... 200 something stops.. i'm lucky to have 100, but i work like a dogg... ups can have alot of my lunches,,i'd rather be at home than out on the road at 730 at night or later....
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    i don't give em :censored2: if they are taking an hour out of my pay for lunch i am going to take my hour and then have missed pkgs at the end of the day.
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    Browndude, how can you have missed packages at the end of the day? dont you have to stay out til they are all delivered? Just wondering.....we do. And I would guess there hasnt been an end to these long hours judging by the number of posts in the last few days.

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    Most guys that have missed pieces are they guys that do the full commercial routes.If you leave the building late and start your pickups early, you better hope that all your commercial is complete.Most guys that leave the building late are usually air drivers till 1030, then they start their routes.
  9. browndude

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    i leave the center around 9 o clock i have a 33 mile drive to my route if everything doesn't go right i still have businesses left after 5 so they are missed then i deliver my resi's
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    I thank you for the info. I just wonder what happens elsewhere. We arent allowed to call anything closed between noon and 1, and if we have anything closed after 5 we get called on the Red carpet. There is no way sometimes to meet the committment. You are damned when you leave the building. the time you can spend sometimes searching through the truck for businesses, could be better utilized in the SPORH. But of course no time allowance for that. Personally I feel better since I have given up hope.So what do you do to protect yourself from Management, and the dreaded union letters?.. When you cant do the impossible? When you are an air driver til 10:30 and start your route at 10:35, and you are ba!!! to the wall til pickups are done and you can finally breathe and take a break? Then you have to wonder and try to predict if you can make it back to the building by air time with what you have left? Too stressful, whats the answer from the knowledgable guys? I give up.

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    after i get to my route i run my air then start my businesses at 1220 i stop for lunch then at 1320 i start back on my businesses and pickups i call the center and tell them i cant get thru then i sheet whats left up missed there is nothing else i can do. also we are not supposed to show businesses closes from 1200 to 1300 either or after 5 so the after 5's are sheeted missed.
  12. rushfan

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    Long hours+Raise=$$$$

    It's been busy here also. Someone mentioned F-word company earlier.
    F-word Ground is out delivering while I'm getting to work. They don't have air to wait for. F-word Ex are leaving when we are.
  13. trouble1903

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    Why not give more airs to the combo drivers or am air drivers. I see them leaving or doing rewrap more then driving. That would leave us with more time to do what we where hired to do.
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    It amazes me how every center sounds the same, so it has to be the management style. You would think that someone would step back and take a different approach to how things are getting done and more importanly how things are not getting done.
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    Someone mentioned combo drivers and A.M. Air drivers. What are those? LOL. Sure wish we had them here. I'd jump on that quick.
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    Combo drivers? Air Drivers? What are those?

    Oh, our center got rid of them about 2 years ago.
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    I have a question for everyone.... What happens when you call your sup at 2:30pm and tell him that you will not be getting done? Almost everytime I call UPS they will say " we will try to find you some help" But, by 5pm and I still havnt heard from them I know what is going to happen. They are going to come find me and take my Pick up's off me and make me stay out till I'm finished. Does this go on anywhere else?? It's not like I'm running over on my time cause I'm hitting the 11-11.85 dispatches. I have filed 9 grievances right now on artical 3-3 (over 9.5 dispatch) and it's still not helping. I have won evey grievance and I have 5 being heard in Chicago on Sept 5th. My only complant is UPS isnt paying any money even though the union says that they were in the wrong. So guess what I'm off to Chicago this Friday and I think it's time they put a face with my name that keeps showing up on the records. Wish me luck !!!!!!!!!
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    good luck ups gal 710!!!
  19. tieguy

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    bad luck ups gal
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    We were told at this morning's PCM, that after discussions with the Union, the Company is going to start honoring the 9.5 language in the contract...