Any end to these long hours??

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by kidlogic, Aug 17, 2003.

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    After watching and reading this topic for a few weeks I am thrilled with this information! Having been a driver (long, long ago) I do feel for those of you with unbelievably high dispatches.

    Generally companies will not hire as business increases until they are sure it is permanent. This is just a fact of life in the business world and UPS is no different from the rest. The really good news here is if this high dispatch is true in most areas the economy is truly improving. In my years with UPS I always found it to be somewhat of a leading indicator of the general economy. The turning point here is the post by proups about the dispatch. The only way to bring that down is to hire and that's great news for the general economy. I'm sure this will also be great news for those overdispatched drivers and overworked inside employees (supervisors and managers too).
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    Vette 13.40 was my planned day. I punched out at 11:05 pm ,but with my time bonus in put me at about scratch.
    I usaully do 69 stops,17 pickups and 175 miles. I handle 130 packages delivered and 60 picked up. A good sporh is 9.8 to 10. Thats a nine hour day..scratch.
    I had 90 stops,207 miles,470 pieces delivered,18 pickups
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    Folks, I'm going to give you the perfect example why these high dispatches must stop. This happened to me this past spring. And it was only a 10 hour dispatch day. To be honest we haven't had the problem to the extent alot of you have experienced. 10 hour dispatches our usually the max in our building. Personally I'm usually at 8.5 to 9.5 almost every day. And the goal of the center manager is an even 8.8 every day. Of course you get your occasional bump up due to volume but it's far from a daily occurence. Anyway here's the story.
    I had a Lands End package, 2nd day. I get to the house at 5:45 in the afternoon. Husband is in the front yard cutting grass. When I pull up he walks over and asks if the package is from Lands End. I say yes and he says to refuse the package. I always ask why. His wife needed the gift for a party that night. Because I hadn't shown up by 5:00 with her gaurenteed 2nd day air package she didn't know if I would be there on time or not so she went out shopping for something else. She told her husband if I did show up to refuse the package. Now as far as UPS is concerned we fulfilled our 2nd Day committment. But as far as she(the customer) was concerned we had not.
    Let me ask you this simple question. As a rule, of course there are always exceptions, do you see our competitors delivering packages at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 o'clock at night? Would you raise heck if your mailman showed up at 7:00 at night? Of course you would. That's not acceptable. IMHO delivering packages at 7:00 plus at night is a sign of a company that doesn't know what it's doing. Consumers today are bombarded with advertising telling them how they can get there packages first thing in the morning. To me an 8:00 at night delivery makes UPS look inefficient. Plus with the new push on gaurenteed ground to hold off FedEx you must get your packages back to the building on time to make your feeder commitments. People would rather see you at thier front door at 7:00 in the morning than at 7:00 at night.
    Kid, I'm curious. Do you bring back pick-up pieces to the building at 10;00 at night? How in the world do they get to an airport or into your feeder network to be on time the next day? I mean everyone in our building must be back by 8:00 at the latest. And the goal is to have everyone back to the building by 7:00. A 13 hour dispatch is just flat out poor management. There is just no excuse. If a center manager did that in our building just for 1 day he would be called on the carpet. That's just bad for business. And I really believe that nationwide memo that came out is more about the compitition than satisfying the Teamsters. 11 hour dispatches are not the answer to increased volume.
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    kilogic: did you have a 300 pkg service stop that day consisting of 300 nda letter envelopes
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    I had a 330 package stop. Which consisted of:
    Half a 1000 packagecar driven by another driver which I had to help unload,a full 800 driven by a supervisor, my 800 packed to the ceiling on top of my regular runs packages and a full tp 60. I had 2 stops done at 1220 pm. Do the math. A sporh of 10 with 88 stops and 17 pickups left and I hadnt taken any breaks or any lunch yet. I knew at 9 20 A.M. that I wouldnt be in before 10 Pm. I am scratch driver,saftey co-chair and top in salesleads and you guys are looking for a way to some how spin this into being my fault.My managment team never said one word to me about what time I punched out. Guess why???because I took a turd of a dispatched day and turned into a scratch day with no missed.
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    I didn't think anyone was trying to put a spin on it. But looking at your 'normal' dispatch it would appear you were either working out of a p300 or p700 which in no way would hold 470 'packages'. It peaked my curiosity, too. I'd have to have about 250 stops to get that kind of a plan on my route.
    BTW, the ninja is the best laugh I've seen on here in a while.
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    "Trust me dammor you post like you have a big old splintery number 2 pine board stuck firmly up your tucas. You have no sense of humor."

    Gee tie, what a shock that you would respond in this manner. When backed into a corner you always come out kicking and screaming about dirty diapers, or something shoved up a tucas as you so eloquently stated above. What's up with that? Sounds like some sort of anal fetish to me.
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    kidlogic: i too was trying to fiqure out how anyone gets a 13 hour day considering the time standards that are in effect today. the only way I could possibly have a 13 hour day would be for me to go back to the building and refill my 1000. even with that I would need about 230 stops.
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    Clarkie thats why I said do the math. It was 1220 with 88 stops and 17 pickups. That is 105 stops left on a run that does 10 stops an hour. It should take me 10.5 hours to finish up.
    Oldups someone comes out and gets my air and ground packages off me.
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    Fedex home is running commercials saying they will schedule your delivery. In the example they use the package is scheduled to be delivered at 7 pm.
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    thats easy to do for them when they have no volume
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    in my center the dispatch is high because we have sent drivers back into the sort and load, not just the TCD's but F/T drivers also, we are down 5 areas, when it should be only 2, so the busts we have increase several drivers to a very high dispatch. the past two weeks volume has been up, but they say it is because of the end of the month, August and that it should taper off this week. for us we have the people trained we just don't have them on the road.
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    Kid, I dont know why they question you, Ive seen it happen. And dont they know other trucks can come out and take your pieces so you can stay out til o'dark thirty/ Its almost like trying to discuss your dispatch with a dispatcher, they spin it til its your fault. AS for your credentials, they are commendable. but on your safety committee, do they ever discuss a fatigue factor as to safety? I believe it kicks in after 9.5 Maybe they should all start. Maybe before someone gets hurt.
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    Let's face it: It all comes down to the driver to make up for the shortcomings in every other aspect of the operation. Perfection is expected from us, while incompetence is tolerated elsewhere--BECAUSE WE WILL GET THE JOB DONE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

    For example: How many Preloads are going to run late today? Monday should be the one day that we all get out on time--With a few exceptions, the loads have been there all weekend...
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    I commend you...EXCELLENT JOB!!

    What caused the increase of 30 stops and 340 additional packages? Was an area cut due to manning problems? I'm not trying to make excuses for your excessive work load, just trying to get a feel for the situation. Whatever caused the extream increase of your work day, you accepted the responsibility and did an outstanding job.

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    Just a quick update........ My grievances went great and I got to speak with UPS sup rep that works with the union. I told him it's not about the money for me it's about watching my children grow up. He said " I give you my word that your dispatch will be lowered. " I then asked him If I could have that put on paper. hahaha I told him that he has one week to make this happen or he will have my tenth grievance and that I would see him again next month. I'm glad I went but, it sure was an eye opening experince for me. So many people were getting fired for what seamed to me as such petty reasons. But, you know there is always two sides of the story.... Anyway you all have a good and safe week.... I'm down in Atlanta for a much needed VAC...... Maybe Tieguy works around here???? Or did he ever tell all of us what his job title is??? Come on tie dont be shy
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    Feeders darling. My sincerest best wishes. Its a shame it may take a grievance to fix it.
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    In my many years of delivery I have delivered till 2 or 3 in the AM on several occasions. I even once worked a 13 hour day only to be sent back out for a missed pickup of 4,000 packages. The package car was so full that the normally 1 hour drive took 3 hours to get back. I had close to 250 in the cab with me, but I got them all. Didnt get back to the building till 6:30 in the AM.

    While I have noticed a change over the past 5-10 years, it used to be that you did whatever you had to to get the job done, no missed.

    And while I do see some of the competition out at 7 making pickups, the deliveries are usually done by 5 or so, many by 330. What hurts are the areas that upper IE has re-looped that get their pickups made before they get the deliveries for the day. And UPS wonders why our volume is shrinking!

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    Dannyboy, not only is that one heck of a job, wasn't it illegal as to DOT regs? I think I would bow out by midnight, especially if I started at 9 am or so. I guess maybe I dont have all the details, but my standards I would consider a 21 hr day INSANE for a start, and way too dedicated, for the finish. Also unsafe by any standard.
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    dannyboy: did your supervisor expect you then to be at work by 8:30