Any FT Hub Supervisors Out There?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by johnbuck, Jul 11, 2015.

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    I have been working at UPS for just about 5 years at the Corporate office in Atlanta. I am in cubicle prison and need to get out! I have never even been in a hub or package center and getting out of the cubicle and into operations somewhat interests me.

    I saw a posting on our internal job board for a FT Hub Supervisor position. Does anyone have any experience as a hub supervisor and can explain some of their daily routine? Also what are the hours like, do you have to work weekends?

    Since I have never even stepped foot into a hub the chance of getting the job is pretty slim but just giving it some food for thought.
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    Do yourself a favor and stay in the cubicle.
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  4. PhatAzz

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    In Atlanta? Stay in the A/C
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    johnbuck.... Be careful what you wish for, you may get it. Not sure what department you work in but if you are in corporate, then the ATLGA hub or PLEGA hub can't be that far away from you. Also, there are probably a few package centers that are near you also. The hubs operate roughly from Noon to 3 AM and those same buildings tend to run from 4 AM - 8:30 AM for preload. You can go there after work, or before work and take a tour. I'm sure someone in the G.O. can set you up with a tour to see what they do. If you see something you like, then talk to your boss about this during career development each year. I'm sure there are many people in those hubs that would jump to go to a cubicle in corporate
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    I'd think someone going from a corporate cubicle to operations might look a lot like the stereotypical movie soldier who was eager to enlist for action and adventure and ends up in a terrible war somewhere.
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    Wanna know why there are so many openings in operations, ask someone. Around here the new man gets the Saturday air gig, Tues-Sat. Your hours will generally be from 700-700, depending on how bad dispatch is. You get no OT unlike drivers, your family life will disappear on workdays and you'll be forced to deal with problems of previous supervisors "making the numbers any way possible", and beat them. On top of that drivers like myself will work your same hours, have less responsibly, and make more than your boss.

    Welcome to operations....
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    You work in a cubicle and you wanna give that up so you can work in a hub? Are you flipping mad?!

    I was a hub supervisor. It sucks. It's a battle everyday. The staffing that is allowed is based on optimal conditions and conditions are almost never optimal. The goals are extremely difficult to achieve and maintain. Turnover sucks and there really isn't a lot of time allotted to training new hires. I could go on and on. It's only 4-5 hours of operations per day, and if you can manage to do well it's not bad. If you suck at it, and you will because everyone that's never been in a hub sucks when they first start, your day becomes awful because your boss tears you a new one for sucking.

    Don't do it. Get your CDL and pursue feeders. Now there's an operation right there. Best pay, nuff said.