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    I was hurt on the job and the ironic thing is that there is no party disputing it. I followed the entire request per doctor's, per union, per company. I was told I would never be a UPS driver again by the doctor. I received a rating and a restricted limit of 20 lbs. I told the doctor I have upper body strength and I think 30 are more reasonable. He changed the restriction to 30 lbs. upon my release back to work. I reported to work and they said they have nothing for me until I can lift 70 lbs. I have been to the union and the company and I have not been helped by either. I cannot believe that I do not qualify for at the very least short/long term disability. I asked both and both union and company said I would not qualify. I was hurt on the job! I can not believe I do not qualify for some support after 19 years service. Any suggestions or guidance is appreciated.
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    At this point, your only option may be to call a lawyer.
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    I'm confused... If you were hurt on the job and UPS isn't disputing it, why aren't you on worker's comp? And if the doctor told you that you "would never be a UPS driver again" it sounds like you're going to be looking for a permanent disability settlement as opposed to short/long term disability.
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    Worker's Comp laws vary by state.In my state, the insurance company has an incentive to shut you off before the 180th day. Right now they consider you a liability that affects their bottom line - nothing more. Get a lawyer. You need somebody to fight for your interests.
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    I concur. GET A LAWYER!!!!! You need someone who understands the comp laws. Do not try to do it yourself or from any help from that is not qualified,
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    Find a good Comp lawyer, don't talk to UPS or anyone else. Let your lawyer do your talking!
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    I was treated by the very best in spinal disorders. (Dr. Esses) I was treated by Southwest Orthopedic Group. I was pinned to my UPS truck by a forklift, broke my back. Dock worker went forward instead of reverse. I was treated by workman’s comp. for two years. However, I was able to choose my doctors. I had a multi-level spinal fusion, with that being said I was lucky and I just wanted to return and finish my career with UPS. I could drive next day air or something. But they just sent me home and seem to be exempt from the ADA rules. It must be nice to have lobbyist. I seem to be too young to get disability but they said in ten years I will have no trouble getting it. It's weird I'm to hurt to work but not to get disability. I don't get it. I would rather work and have enough UPS experience to be productive but they are not going to give me that chance. I was hoping not to have to get a lawyer.
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    Everybody who gets hurt seems to think that their years of dedication and hard work mean something to the company. They foolishly believe that if they get hurt, the company will take care of them.

    THIS IS NOT THE CASE! UPS will use every means at their disposal to make you look like a liar, make it to be YOUR fault that you got hurt, and make it near impossible to get any job back.

    Get a lawyer. You HAVE to protect your own interests. No one else will.
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    Years ago, I had my leg crushed and mangled by a power forklift (powerjack). It was on the job (NOT UPS though).

    At 20 years old, I was collecting 65% of my earnings for at least 5 or 6 months on workmans comp until I was able to, (1) walk again and (2) go back to work on light duty

    I see no reason that you should not be entitled to the same treatment I was given. You should follow the advice of above, and also check with --the dept. of labor-- along with the advice of a lawyer.
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    You must get a work comp lawyer for this right now!! Funny thing about UPS if you have restriction from a off the job injury they will get you a job inside. There is a class action lawsuit on this matter not sure how it is going. You must get a doctors opinion who does not work for UPS you can get this from A good work comp lawyer.
    You will need the truth on your medical condition for your lawsuit ,trust me UPS is only about money not your health. UPS will kick you to the street as damaged goods, letting the taxpayers of America take care of you.
    You have to take this as a fight that will effect you the rest of your life. Good luck there are legions of UPS people who are permanently hurt never to live a normal life and treated like liars thief’s fakers that is there way of saying thank you for your years of hard manual labor.:knockedout:
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    Ahh... that makes more sense now. You WERE on comp, but reached the limitation, right? You absolutely need to contact a lawyer. Threatening to sue for a permanent disability settlement might persuade them to rethink their position. If not then you'll need the lawyer to pursue the settlement because they certainly aren't going to give it to you without a fight.
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    Was it a UPS forklift or someone along your route. Sounds like some compensation is due if someone else injured you on your route.
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    You can not lift any more then 15lbs to get ss pension and you said {He changed the restriction to 30 lbs. }that is a major reason you can not get a ss pension.Getting ss pension is a night mare in its self 2 to 3 year wait lots of folks end up in homless shelters waiting for the hearing on ss.