Any Tips For A new TCD?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Mark Stewart, Nov 30, 2012.

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    I recently became a TCD for the company and it is not easy at all...I have been out a total of 6 times by myself since completing the class...I went out yesterday and it was total chaos...I was called into the office this morning due to my poor performance and was told if I dont do better they are not going to use me...I couldnt even walk in the the truck yesterday to get to my 1000's 2000's etc...My thoughts were to deliver the bulk packages so I could make room and organize the truck better...Well that didnt work and I wasnt able to follow EDD...And I was REALLY over my allowed time...None the less I REALLY want to do this...I'd like to stay on after peak..But unless a miracle happens...They will probably send me back to the HUB...My biggest problem is finding the packages in the truck....Does anyone have any advice on setting the truck up so the packages come off a bit smooother?...I am planning on going in Monday at 7:30 so I can set my truck up...Do you think 6 days enough time to get the methods down?...Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Peak is not for newbies. When they shove 300 stops in a p57 even the best of the best look like crap on paper. If u really want to look better as far as over allowed take your break in 10 or 15 minute sections and use that time to set up your truck.
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    Thanks for the reply Brownslave(your name is so appropriate...we are all "Brownslaves")....I actually think I was set up to fail...How do they expect me to get up to speed I they dont work me?...I'm thinking of transferring to another center....I have heard nothing but bad things about the center I drive for...So many people DQ and now I understand why....Anyone else care to offer any advice?
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    get your walk aisle clear as soon as possible * if you have 1 or 2 really large packages get them off early, will save you the trouble of working around them all day * when a pkg. falls to the floor, pick it up and return it to the proper location * once you have space on the shelves, look through a section and set it up before you run it * if your loader has put a bulk stop on the shelf go ahead and drop it to the floor, that will open up shelf space and make the other pkgs. easier to find * the bulk stop will already be segregated when it comes time to deliver it
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    Don't fall into the trap of going in early to go through the truck. If they puff out their chest at you puff yours out at them. Idle threats get tossed around a lot.
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    You need to have a plan especially for your next 10 to 20 stops. You need to keep the time in the back of the car searching for packages at each stop to a nearly nothing in order to do that once you get room on in the 1000 section sort your next 10 to 20 stops. than go bang them off and repeat as you get more room sort more stops ( 20, 30, etc) If might take you a couple of minute to sort the stops but your will more than make up for it by not hunting and pecking for a package at each stop.

    Also stop running around with your head cut off smooth and steady is faster in the long run.... If you get overwhelmed take at break and get out of the package car walk around for a minute relax then get back and start delivering...
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    This is the best piece of advice any of us can give.

    Today, I had to follow EDD for the 1st-3 sections. It was all I could reach and to try and skip around to get off bulk would have wasted time. Earlier in the week, I had to start at section 5 and deliver through to the start of section 7. That would have been impossible today.

    All that said, if you have not had a supe ride with you for at least 3 or 4 days, I do not know what to tell you. We had a new TCD start on Tuesday and he had a supe with on Tu, Wed, Th and part of today. He is also on a route close to the building so that help is always close.

    Some things to look for to make things go better: can I park in a spot and walk off 3-5 stops. I do that whenever I can. Today, my helper and I walked off 8 stops from 1 parked spot. If you have a helper, look for spots where you can each do a stop at the same time. Helper delivers one, while you do another 2 or 3 houses away. Helper walks up to the truck. If your helper cannot figure the board out, do not waste the time trying to teach him/her. There is no point dropping the helper off with a cart, 8 stops and the board, if they are not interested in figuring it out. You will come back to them and they will still be at the 1st stop, "I dunno, it just will not scan." or some other excuse.

    Work with the limitations that you have.

    Do not stare at a map trying to figure the best loop to run off the stops. Set it up once and go with it. Constantly resetting will waste more time for a noob than anything. Just do it. If you figure a better way, do that tomorrow.

    Do not worry about section 8 or whatever until you get to it. Sometimes, you just have to worry about the next 5. When they are done, do the next 5. Put your head down and grind them out. When you look up, you'll realize that you just pounded off 50.

    This week sucked. Things should taper off again before the crush right before Christmas. If you have a little lighter day than the day before, do not look at that as a "screw off day." Bust it off. Busting off a route every now and then is great for your confidence.

    If none of that works, it is possible you are not cut out for driving. Not everyone can do it.
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    Management set drivers up to fail during peak by tossing packages in the trucks until they are bursting. You are at a disadvantage because you don't know the area in which you are delivering and the area of the trucks the packages "should" be in. Just do the best you can and try not to get frustrated. If you can make it though peak then you've seen the worst UPS can do to you and you'll be able to overcome anything else outside of it.
  9. UnsurePost

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    If they like you, you will pass 30 days. Simple as that, imo.

    As others have said, peak is not for the faint of heart. You really have to know what you're doing and have great area knowledge - house numbers, traffic patterns, etc. Even an experienced driver will have a tough time with thrown-together routes in unfamiliar areas.

    Dark at night too, flashlight is crucial.
  10. UnsurePost

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    You didn't mention what type of route you are doing. If it's some thrown-together 8 town nightmare split route of residential stops, you'll be hard pressed to look good on paper without superior area knowledge. Don't worry about production and just be safe. Even the most experienced drivers would and do have a difficult time in areas they don't know house numbers, traffic patterns and all of the other nuances. Plus, it gets dark very early so flashlights are handy.

    After your ndas/ bulk stops, I would suggest setting up 10 stops at a time and not worrying about being fancy or breaking that plan. Brick out the shelve spaces with your 5-8k sections and create as much room as you can for 2-4 up front. you'll probably miss a couple business pcs and have to go back but you'll be much quicker getting what you can get done, done..

    Then again you may have a mostly resi route, as I mentioned above. ;)

    Much of this sounds impossible because of the fact you literally cannot walk through your truck, but it can come together. Peak is a rough time, though.
  11. Mark Stewart

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    Thanks for all the replies...Seeve Meet Heart...The route I run is both businesses and resi's....Its not that bad everything is pretty tight..Although they did throw a whole new section of businesses and resi's that I was somewhat unfamiliar with...And yes once it gets dark...If you dont have the area're screwed....I am going in early tomorrow to set up the truck as best I can...once I get of my NDA and bulk stops I will do as you all said and set up my next 5-10 stops and run it like that....Wish me luck...
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    What is a TCD?
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    Your only as good as your preloader. If you go in early just kinda hang with the loader and watch and ask questions. Be their friend because they can make you or break you. If your not on the clock keep your hands off the packages. If you can see if they will let you start early and help on finishing up your load. It will give you a chance to kinda see where and what bulk stops you have. Use your methods and be safe and you will work another day.
  15. Nickfury7

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    Another thing you can do , see where your nda are at, and if you have ground stops on that street, line them up with the nda and run them off too, will be less stops u have to do later. I usually have about 30-40 stops done by 1030 by doing that.
  16. Dr.Brown

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    uh.... where are you that you have a paper route??

    My air run is my whole route area, PC is normally full, top to bottom, front to back... making it impossible to see all sections... don't spout out miracles man..
    with a later start time, I'm lucky to have 40 stops off at noon....
  17. Jackburton

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    I would suggest not doing this, a good way to have late air when some small thing happens like a long signature and whatever. Air is priority, ground has all day, air does not.
  18. UnsurePost

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    My advice to op: Any smaller stops that are in/out, NDA and ground. Any doubt (docks full on arrival, etc) walk NDA off and go back later.

    Try to leave a five minute buffer, or so, for NDAs. Just in case you get caught in traffic, detour, or even losing a few minutes here and there, you won't be panicking. Much of it is timing and getting to know/learning what you can get away with AND, perfecting a routine to get airs off ASAP. Ground included, or not.
  19. Nickfury7

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    I'm in PA. I just did 332 stops by 5:45 today, 478 pieces
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    DR....Roof, DR...Flower Bed, DR....Gutter, DR....Gate, DR...Met Dog